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Mandible Angle Reduction Plastic Surgery

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mandible reduction surgery pre- and post operation
 Compare the picures one could tell the lower part of the face is smaller while the chin looks square relatively.

mandible reduction surgery pre- and post operation,profile
From the lateral point of view the outline of the mandible edge is still smooth while the mandible bone has already been trimmed.

On two year's post operation follow-up, this beautiful girl had a chance to compare her before and post operation photos and quite pleased with her surgery result. Dr. Ma noticed that her facial contour is smoother, her neck looked longer and elegant and the stronger self-esteem made her back straighter. When Dr. Ma asked if her pictures could be posted on Dr. Ma's web site, she instantly replied "OK". She even said that it is not necessary to hide her identity by covering her eyes. She didn't want the pictures been emailed to her as she can get them from the web once posted. Dr. Ma was really moved by the generosity. Actually Dr. Ma was moved not only by this girl, more and more people treat their cosmetic surgeries in a open mind. They offered Dr. Ma to show their pictures and to share their stories to other people who have this or that kind of puzzles in seeking cosmetic surgery for achieving a better life. So that there more Homepage Star picture and needed all the time. Dr. Ma is very happy to share their great beauty both in appearance and personality with friends from the net. There is no doubt when ever Dr. Ma see these pictures many most wonderful memories of his professional career will come back to live. Reference reading--Mandible Plasty. More Homepage Star pictures--Homepage Star.

The girl said: "Dr. Ma, my face seemed asymmetric. At the beginning I didn't notice that. When I went to take my wedding photos the photographer told me I should avoid some kind of angle and expression because my face is not very symmetric. Since then I feel more asymmetry after each self exam of my own face. I was wondering if some more surgeries could help.

Dr. Ma replied: "Our face is born asymmetric, as a matter of fact perfectly symmetric face will make our facial expression dummy. A lot of people begin noticing their facial asymmetry after surgery. This is due to their over concern of toward surgery result or too sensitive to other people's comment. So cosmetic operation taker pick up the minor problem after surgery while accustomed to the more savior problem before surgery. Your facial asymmetry is caused by the chin. If you take a look at the pre-operation pictures carefully you can find it yourself. We did the mandible and masseter muscle reduction and those areas become more symmetric. We didn't do operation on the chin. The preexist problem of the chin is been exposed. If you really care about the chin problem we still can do surgery on the chin to make it more symmetric.

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