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Mandible and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery

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Mandible and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery
 After mandible and mandible angle reduction with masseter muscle resectomy the lower face is not square any more. The girl looks younger too.

Mandible and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery, lateral view
Pictures of the mandible and mandible angle reduction with masseter muscle resectomy. After operation the angle of the mandible is not obvious any more.

Mandible and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery
The angle of the of the mnadible line is replace with a curve. The whole mandible looks smaller.

This girl's operation include mandible reduction and masseter muscle reduction. Previously we call this surgery mandible angle reducton surgery wich mainly deals with the angle of the mandible bone. Now Dr. Ma's mandible reduction surgery is not only restricted in trimming the bone of mandilble angle. The surgery involves a bigger area of mandiblebody,its lower edge and  masseter muscle etc. Only by doing surgery on this big area the drawback of "angle" reduction can be avoided. As a matter of fact the shape of our mandible bone is very well balanced. The removal of the angle only destroy the balance. Reference reading--mandible reduction surgery.

This girl  experienced the same post operation recovery process like other patients--swelling and the long waiting period looking forward to see the expected final result. More than that she suffered a little bit more because of the unprofessional practice from another surgeon. She went back to her home town soon after the surgery. At the same time a rendering practice surgeon is doing surgery at that town. Heard that the surgeon was very renowned she went to see the surgeon trying to understand why she hadn't feel any visible result from the surgery. The surgeon said, when the girl finished telling her story, " I know Dr. Ma well. And I know how dose he do this kind of surgery. you may not have any positive result. It is better for me to do it again for a solid positive result." Upon hearing that the girl felt helplessly. She found Dr. Ma's phone number and called Dr. Ma in a very disappointed mood. Dr. Ma remembered to spend a lot of time and energy to convince her that her positive result was for sure to come only not at that time.

Display on this page are the girl follow up pictures after one and half years of surgery. Compared to her pre-op pictures I am not sure if all the viewer admit the result is obvious or more beautiful. One thing is for sure. When the girl saw Dr. Ma at that time she was really very happy about her surgery and she also very generously agreed Dr. Ma request to post her pictures on Dr. Ma's website so that all the surgery seekers could take a lesson from her experience.

It is very hard for Dr. Ma to understand the behavior of this surgeon. It is decent to make money by working hard. Competition is beneficial only if it doesn't let the patient suffering physically or psychologically. Dr. Ma truly believe that the surgeon had the knowledge that the result of maxillofacial surgeries will not reveal in less than two months after surgery. He know that is in sin to convey the girl doing surgery again at that time. Financial interest frequently kick the moral out. The twisted ethical situation happens among the highly respected professionals. Those who rely on their professional behavior suffer. So be a plastic and cosmetic surgery seek must be smart and prudential one.

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