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Transforming the Square Face to Oval Shape with Mandible Angle and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery

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Though Dr. Fushun Ma now using whole mandible bone sculpture technique for mandible reduction facial reshaping, in the past however simple mandible angle reduction and masseter muscle resectomy have been used in some facial reshaping patients and ideal post surgical results have been achieved too. At the time when facial reduction plasty was first introduced a bias believing was that the square shape of the face is caused mainly by an oversized mandible angle. And bone reduction of the mandible angle only could reduce the facial size and properly make the face slimmer. In fact the whole mandible bone and the masseter muscle are oversize in square faced candidates, so called "Benign Mandible and Masster Muscle Hypertrophy" in medical term. Localized mandible angle over growth only is rare in the formation of the square face. So simple mandible angle reduction facial reshaping may cause some unwanted results such as local indentation and unnatural look on the face in certain angle of view. But if precautions are taken, such as proper indication selection, guarded removal of mandible bone and using masseter muscle resection to enhance the reduction effect in the frontal view, simple mandible angle reduction and masseter muscle resectomy surgery could still achieve an ideal facial reshaping result.

The beautiful girl in this page of homepage star is a case of simple mandible angle bone reduction and masseter muscle resectomy that Dr. Ma did in his early experience of mandible reduction facial reshaping. At that time Dr. Ma had not invented his mandible bone sculpture facial reduction technique, but already notice the disadvantages of straight line osteotomy mandible angle reduction. So he used curved line osteotomy for mandible angle reduction and masseter muscle resection is also utilized to narrow the face down in enhance the facial reshaping effect. After surgery this girl's face is effectively narrowed in the front view photo and her facial type changed from square to oval without the common side effect of this particular method, the "horse face" deformity in profile view. A satisfactory facial reshaping result is achieved.

mandible angle and masseter muscle plasty
After mandible bone and masseter muscle reduction her facial type changed to a oval one.

Facial type transformation from a square face to a oval face
Curved line osteotomy technique is used in mandible angle reduction surgery and the volume of the bone removal is also controlled. Localized indentation at the mandible angle area is avoided.

mandible angle and masseter muscle reduction in profile view 
After mandible angle reduction the outline of the angle and body of the mandible bone is blurred and smoother but still shows on the post surgery photo.

This girl's square face is a longitudinal square face with a wide forehead and normal sized zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch. This kind of face can be transform to "melon seed face" or "oval face". If the width of her lower face is narrowed down markedly, the height of the chin is increased and the width of the chin narrowed to make the chin pointer, her face could be transformed to a "melon seed" type. Or if the chin and the front part of the mandible bone remains the same and only the size of the mandible angle and the masseter muscle is reduced her face could be reshaped to a "oval type". This girl selected the later option and changed her face not dramatically. So the desire and goal are important facts that determines the selection of surgical procedure and controls the volume of the bone removal. Some people like "melon seed" face while the others like the "oval face". A clear demonstration of one's desire to the surgeon is the key of a satisfactory result.

A simple mandible angle and masseter muscle reduction changed this girl's face to her desired facial shape and makes her happy, also her self-esteem in her every day life improves . The goal of her cosmetic surgery is achieved. Cosmetic surgery should obey the patient's attitude toward beauty is an undisputable principle. However if we judge this girl's after surgery facial contour with the common sense of beauty we may say that her chin needs to move forward and downward to give a better definition on profile view. In this instance the standard of practice of Dr. Ma is that no voluntary opinion is provided and no pushing of surgery is initiated. Suggesting may be given only under the patient's inquiry. Because Dr. Ma believes that beauty is individual and that uniformed facial type may not be the best interpretation of the nature of the human visage.

Simple mandible angle osteotomy plus masseter muscle reduction surgery can make the face slimmer effectively. In the past Dr. Ma use this technique for changing the facial contour of some candidates. During the early stage of experience, in order to pursue a dramatic change of facial contour excessive bone and soft tissue was removed. The patients were very happy soon after surgery with their result, but later on, for example at the time of two year after surgery, they might felt that the surgery was overdone and the facial contour many not be natural or there may be localized indentation on the face. In one period some of the post facial reduction patients had to come back for a fat graft revision surgery to fill the indentation cause by excessive tissue removal. Thanks to the improvement of the surgical technique the simple mandible angle and masseter muscle reduction surgery scarcely have the above complications. Above all Dr. Ma has invented a more natural and more effective technique of mandible bone sculpture reduction to replace the simple mandible angle reduction for facial reshaping. The new technique could change the patient's facial contour to almost whatever type as they wish.

The after surgery photo of the beautiful girl in this page was taken one year after her facial reshaping surgery.

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