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Mandible Angle Reduction Surgery

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The new concept of square face plastic surgery has changed from  the traditional mandible angle ostectomy or mandible angle filing to a combination of of surgeries, as to change the square look of the face multiple procedures toward the mandible bone and the masseter muscle are needed in order to get a smooth reduction result. However for some candidates especially those who simply have mandible angle eversion without mandible body or chin oversize, mandible angle reduction plus masseter muscle resectomy still remains as an effective facial contouring techniques. This page introduce a beautiful girl's comparison photos of before and after the corrections of mandible angle eversion, masseter muscle oversize and asymmetric lower jaw.

The beautiful girl on this page is suitable for a simple mandible angle reduction and masseter muscle resectomy because her mandible body is not too big and her chin is not too wide, the only problem on her face is the eversion of the mandible angle and the masseter muscle hypertrophy. A simple angle reduction and muscle resectomy could improve her facial contour and make her facial contour line natural. For those candidates who have a oversized mandible body and a wide chin, a simple reduction could only make their mandible angle smaller. They may need another sessions of surgery on the chin and mandible body to insure an ideal final result.

mandible angle reduction
After mandible angle reduction and masseter muscle resectomy the square jaw is reduced and both sides look more symmetric. The facial type changed from a square one to a oval one.

mandible angle plastic surgery
After mandible angle plastic surgery the vivid angled corner of the mandible line is replaced with a grace line.

 mandible angle reduction profile
In profile the hump around the mandible angle disappeared after surgery and the infra zygomatic arch indentation also is leveled off.

Photo Analysis

In frontal view this beautiful girl's face is in a square shape with a big jaw and a sharp turn mandible angle. At the same time both sides of her mandible angle are not symmetric, the right side is bigger. A Ct scan reveals that her mandible body and chin bone are in normal size but her mandible angles are eversion and the masseter muscles are hypertrophic. The degree of eversion and hpertrophy of the two sides is not even the right side is more serious. In the frontal view photo this girl's chin is not wide. The jaw after the chin seemed becoming bigger suddenly and the chin seemed too small to match the whole face. After surgery this girl's face changed to a oval one with a big shrink of jaw size and the square look of the mandible angle disappeared. The jaw also looks more symmetric. Though no surgery has been done on the chin her chin looks bigger and more proportional to the whole face. This is because the shrink of the mandible angle made the chin looks relatively bigger.

In the angled lateral view the mandible line could be seen very clearly, starting from below the ear lobe to the area of the corner of the mouth the mandible bone is augmented. The width between the mandible angles overweigh the width of the neck so that there is a marked shade in the area below the earlobe in the photo. After surgery the contour line of the mandible angle and the mandible body is smoother. The connection between the neck and the mandible angle is smoother and natural too. The dipping feeling of the lateral face is fixed.

In profile view there is a vivid hump around the mandible angle pre surgically. The hump cause a relative indentation, known as the cheek indentation, in the area inferior to the zygomatic arch. After surgery the hump disappeared, so as the indentation. The whole face changed from a pre-surgery rough looking to a post surgery grace and gentle looking. A curved line ostectomy technique is utilized in this girl's mandible angle reduction. This technique effectively prevented the "horse face deformity" complication of straight line mandible bone ostectomy.

The post surgery photos were token two years after the surgery. At that time this girl was satisfied with her surgical result.

About Simple Mandible Angle Reduction Surgery

Simple Mandible Angle Reduction Surgery is the first technique that serves the facial contouring. If it is properly applied to suitable candidates a considerable facial outline improvement for a faced patient can be achieved. However as more and more people want to change their facial contour a big variety of facial type is encountered by plastic surgeons. Simple Mandible Angle Reduction Surgery alone can not properly meet the demand. Other surgical techniques that could trim the face such as masseter muscle resectomy, mandible body reduction, mandible line plastic surgery and chin reduction surgery are explored and employed.

Among many candidates with different original facial type and different target facial type what kind of surgical technique for a specific patient challenges a surgeon's ability of surgical planning. A good maxillofacial surgeon needs a good command of a variety of different surgical techniques and a good judgment of his or her patient's physical and psychological need. As a cosmetic surgery seeker one needs to know your present face and your target face better and to have a good knowledge about your surgeon's technical characteristic, so that you can select a suitable surgeon. An experienced surgeon normally focuses on an subdivision of plastic surgery and it is hard for them to recommend a surgery out of his or her range of focus.

Simple Mandible Angle Reduction plus Masseter muscle resectomy is a good surgical procedure for those whose mandible angle is eversion and masseter muscle is hypertrophy without mandible body and chin oversize. The mandible angle eversion and masseter muscle hypertrophy normally are not symmetric in both side of the jaw. A good prepared reduction surgery can make the jaw more symmetric.

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