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Whole Mandible Reduction and Upper Jaw Advancement Surgery

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Mandible bone, also known as the "Jaw Bone" is the biggest and the only movable bone among the human head and face bones. The over growth or imbalanced growth of this bone could cause problems such as under bite, facial deviation or giant jaw appearance. An oversized mandible bone dose not necessarily cause facial deformity. However a big jaw bone make the lower part of the face wide giving a dripping face appearance or make a person looks older. On top of this an undergrowth upper jaw may make the situation even worse. Many of the candidates who have this kind of facial figure want to change it. Jaw and upper jaw surgeries such as whole mandible bone reduction can rectify this kind of unwanted look.

The beautiful girl in this page found that her jaw bone was too big and her upper jaw was too retrograded giving herself a philtrum that is too short. She went to see Dr. Fsuhun Ma seeking surgeries that could make her jaw smaller and her upper jaw advanced forward. Upon finishing examination of this girl Dr. Ma admitted that her mandible bone was overgrowth and her upper jaw was undergrowth. However there was no facial deformities caused by these growth problem. Her face looked good in general. Some of the cosmetic candidates even deliberately want to change their face into this type of facial figure. Based on that Dr. Ma didn't recommended her to do any facial reshaping surgeries. But the girl insist on changing her facial contour. Provided that there was not contraindications of surgery Dr. Ma performed "Whole Mandible Bone Reduction Surgery" and "Partial Maxillary Bone Advancement Surgery". After surgery the girl is satisfied with her result and Dr. Ma also believed that her overall facial contour improved.

Whole mandible bone reduction and upper jaw advancement surgery
Post surgically the whole mandible bone is smaller and more symmetric, also the philtrum is longer, the upper lip fuller.

mandible bone reduction
In this angle of view the after surgery face is no longer bony, the length of the mandible line is shorter and the face seemed been lifted.

 upper and lower jaw surgery
The chin is smaller and pointer, the nasal labial fold is smoother compared to the pre surgery photo.

Front view, this beautiful girl's facial organs are relatively crowed to each other originally because of her face is too big. In the post surgery photo this situation improved. On the other hand her mandible bone was asymmetric before surgery, the right side of it is bigger and sagging. In the before surgery CT image the volume of the right side mandible bone is obviously larger than the left side though there was no occlusion level deviation. During the surgery more mandible bone tissue was removed from the right side rendered a symmetric lower face to her, see the post surgery photo.

The change of the philtrum height to chin height ratio also illustrated in this set of photos. As the chin became smaller the height of the chin is  of cause shorter. Besides, the advancement of the upper jaw moved and rotated the front part of the maxillary bone forward and downward. The downward rotation contributed to the philtrum height increase and philtrum to chin ratio change. All these changes make the beautiful girl's facial organ situated in her face more harmoniously and this in turn made her look younger.

In profile the mandible bone seemed just under the skin and the girl's face looked bony before surgery. After surgery the mandible bone is hided deeply in the flash and the face is not bony at all, because the mandible bone is smaller in size and skin is not pushed that tighter. This changes also make this girl look younger. The whole mandible bone reduction made the mandible angle, mandible body, chin and mandible line smaller or shorter. However the forward protrusion of the chin keeps the same and the lip chin angle is still natural. The reduction of the whole mandible bone didn't set back the chin.

In this angle of view the Front Part Advancement of the Maxillary Bone is depicted also. The degree of the nasal labial angle is greater, the length of the philtrum is bigger and the upper lip locates in front of the lower lip. All these changes meet the girl's desire.

In the angled view of the face this girl's square big chin became a rounded and smaller one caused by the trimming of the mandible bone. The forward movement of the upper jaw let her nasal labial fold smoother and less obvious. This gave her a surprise as she didn't expect the improvement of her nasal labial fold. But this improvement is understandable because the advancement and rotation of the upper jaw make the upper lip area fuller thus the fold smoother.

The post operation photos were token two years after surgery. The facial contour keeps change after this point but not as that dramatic as in the earlier post surgical period.

The Whole Mandible Bone Reduction Surgery is deferent from Mandible Angle Reduction and Mandible Body Reduction. The former includes surgeries in the area of mandible angle, mandible body, mandible edge, chin and connective area of the mandible bone between the chin the body. The mandible bone of the indicated candidate is evenly oversize, not localized hypertrophy. According to this the reduction surgery removes bone tissue evenly from different parts of the mandible bone to achieve a small but similar mandible bone. Any existing asymmetry of the mandible bone should be addressed during surgery as in the girl's case.

There are many ways to move the maxillary bone forward. Unlike maxillary reduction surgeries, such as maxillary protrusion reduction surgery, the advancement surgeries face the problem of bone lack after the forward movement. So the range of forward movement is restricted. Otherwise distraction osteogenesis may be applied.

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