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Whole Mandible bone Reduction Facial Reshaping

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The earliest surgery on mandible bone trimming aimed on facial reduction is mandible angle reduction surgery, which involves surgical procedures of cutting off or grinding down the angle of the mandible bone. As this surgery gets more and more popular and many people toke this surgery a post surgery problem of mandible angle reduction emerged. That is when the angle is reduced the front part of the face seemed even wider for those whose frontal facial outline was originally wide. Most of the surgery takers with this problem didn't like this kind of post surgery result. In order to avoid this problem other procedures such as mandible body, mandible lower edge, mandible ramus reduction was combined with the mandible angle reduction. The girl on this page's photo underwent mandible angle, mandible body, mandible ramus, mandible lateral cortex, chin and masseter muscle reduction.

This girl has a over sized mandible bone. As her mandible bone is relatively bigger compared to the rest part of the facial bone her lower part of the face looked too big no matter in the face to face view, lateral view or in any other angled views. However if we observe the mandible alone it looks good and no part is unproportionate to the others. In this case reduction of any part of the mandible bone alone will not achieve a good cosmetic outcome. The only way to make the facial outline balance is to trim the whole mandible bone to a smaller shape. We can't imagine to reduce the size of the mandible bone in a balanced way by just cut off a piece of the bone or a slice of the bone. Instead we need to utilize the mandible sculpture technique to carve the whole mandible bone very carefully.

whole mandible reduction surgery
After the whole mandible reduction the proportionate relationship between the mandible and rest of the face goes back to normal and bottom of the face weigh less than pre-surgery.

before and after photos of whole mandible reduction surgery
The length of the mandible lower line gets shorter after surgery and the curvature of this line looks more natural. Compared to the original rigid facial outline the post surgery face is more feminizing.

whole mandible reduction lateral veiw
The straight lower mandible line is replaced with a nice carved line. The trapezoid lateral facial figure changed to a narrower uniformed one.

lower mandible line after whole mandible reduction surgery
The curvature at the angle of the mandible is not as sharp as before the surgery. The bulging nodular at the side of the chin also disappeared post surgery.

Background Story

The surgery this beautiful girl toke is the whole mandible bone reduction surgery. Not only her mandible angle her mandible body, mandible lower line mandible ramus, lateral cortex of her mandible bone, her masseter muscle and her chin also are been reduced in size. Beside the size change her mandible bone keeps its original shape. Dr. Fushun Ma remembered this girl is tall with a good body contour. She is very cautious in doing anything especially in making decisions such as taking a operation. She saw Dr. Ma for many times before her surgery. And she even often go back and saw Dr. Fushun Ma several times to discuss her concerns.

Whole mandible reduction surgery is not as popular as mandible angle reduction surgery. Many candidates do not have this kind of knowledge, let alone asking their surgeon to do the surgery for them directly. In this situation the surgery seeker and the surgeon should carefully eva luate the facial structure and some studies such as 3D CT facial bone scan are very useful in determine the proportionate relationship of the facial bones. Another practical way of assessment is to cover the imagined oversized area of the mandible respectively to see if it makes the facial contour look better. For example when we cover the mandible angle the face looks more wired. This may lead us to think about whole mandible reduction surgery.

Photo Analysis of Whole Mandible Reduction Facial Reshaping

From the front view, as this girl is tall and has a characteristic long slim neck, her square face on top of the neck gives her a mechanical look and because the connection between the face and the neck is not smooth it seems there is a step between them. The overall impression of her figure is the same, as the body is slim and the face is square, a rigid and rough impression is often obtained at the first glance of her. As a matter of fact this girl naturally has a tender and sweet personality sharply different from the impressions that her facial figure was giving. After surgery her square jaw line is replaced with a lovely smooth one. The facial figure has changed from rigid to soft and better matches her personality.

On the 3/4 lateral view, before the surgery the lower mandible line is in a "??"  shape. After the surgery this line changes to a curved one. The mandible angle at the back end and the chin at the front end of this curved line are not that square too. On the lateral view the pre-surgery mandible line is long and straight making a trapezoid lateral facial figure. Post surgically the straight line becomes shorter and curved, the base of the trapezoid changes to a smooth line making the lateral facial figure rounded.

On the tilted position we can also find the changes of the mandible line. Beside there is a nodular like chin hump at the before surgery photo. After surgery this hump disappeared and the chin looks more natural and rounder. The mandible angle is still there only rounder than pre surgery, on tilt position the mandible angle still gives a solid bony contour line. This management avoided the unwanted straight mandible line and hose face deformity following excessive mandible angle bone removal.

The purpose of the whole mandible reduction is to reduce the size of the mandible. The shape of the mandible should be better preserved. Since the surgery involves multiple areas of the mandible bone and even the masseter muscle the whole procedures can be done in one session or two sessions depending on the specific situation of the candidate and the surgeon's preference. Provide a good selection of candidate and a proper surgical plan a natural and good result could be expected. However as the undermining area of this surgery is relatively big a longer swelling period than simple mandible reduction surgery is advised. In fact if a obvious reduction result is noticeable in a very short time after surgery an over reduction of the jaw may be indicated.

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