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Before and After Photos of Minor Underbite Correctiong Surgery

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Surgical Correction of Minor Underbite Deformity

Underbite deformity indicates the overgrowth of the mandible bone with a end result of excessive protrusion chin. However in some occasions, such as a minor underbite., a deformity may not caused by the over growth of the mandible bone. The cause of this kind of underbite is the front tiltation of the lower incisors. The tilted incisors push the lower lip forward giving an unhappy facial expression, the facial features and self confidence of the sufferers are often compromised by the sticking out lower incisors when smile or eating.

before and after pictures of minor underbite correction surgery
Before operation the lower lip is protruding and the chin is receding. Post operatively the lips and the chin look better.

before and post photos of minor underbite correction surgery
Face to face, an unhappy expression can be read because of the upper and lower lip are protruding. Post operatively a happy and relaxing expression is demonstrated.

minor underbite correction surgery
The upper and lower lip relationship is corrected and the shape of the mouth is more natural and beautiful looking after operation.

occlusion change after underbite correction surgery
The occlusion change of the incisor is most obvious. Before operation the lower incisors is in front of the upper ones and after operation the upper incisors switched to the front.

occlusion changes after underbite correction surgery
The lower incisors stick out abnormally when smile before operation. Post operation the smile is quite natural.

A diagnose of the minor underbite can be easily done by simple observation. Attention must be paid on the mandible bone to identify if there is a mandible overgrowth or a maxilla under growth in the circumstances of minor underbite or a lateral occlusion. In the fact that a maxilla and/or mandible malformation the surgical treatment plan is different from a simple minor underbite deformity. A CT scan is not necessary for diagnose a minor underbite deformity. However most surgeon prefer a CT imaging study for the surgical plan design before operation.

Believing that underbite is a pure teeth problem patients mostly go to a dental hospital or dental department for help. For those the front tilting is not severe and the deformity is minor, a orthodontic treatment really is a very good choice with minimal workday lose and minimal trauma. For those whose deformity is severe and the incisors tilt dramatically a correction surgery is the choice of treatment because orthodontic procedure can only let the teeth rotate in its socket, as the thickness of the mandible is limited and the amount of rotation movement is limited too, too much tilting rotation will lead the exposure of the root of the teeth, compromising the health of the teeth.

Surgically this problem can be solved easily and permanently with a simple sub apical osteotomy of the front part of the mandible bone to restore the normal occlusion relationship of the upper and lower incisors. As the name tells that a sub apical osteotomy of the mandible means to do a "U" shaped incision on the front part of the mandible bone beneath the apices of the lower front teeth to cut free a peace of combined tissue segment of bone and teeth. Extration of the lower forth tooth on both side is done to make room for moving the segment. Then this segment is moved backward and fixed there. By the movement of the free segment the gaps from the teeth extraction will be closed properly.

Photo Analysis

Profile the before and after operation photos changed dramatically. Before operation the lips are protruding, especially the lower lip, as if the girl's lips are too thick. The protruding lips make the normal chin looks receded. All this unwanted appearance are caused by a minor underbite deformity due to the lower incisors forward tilting. An underbite correction surgery alone made the profile face line more beautiful.

From the front and 45 degree angled view the lips again look too thick to be natural and the lower lip's overlap to the upper one gives a minor underbite appearance preoperatively. The tilted teeth pushed the upper lip forward also to make the philtrum longer and the nostril and lip angle larger The lips couldn't close naturally when relaxing, giving an unhappy expression. Post operatively these characters have been changed with a normal upper and lower lip relationship and easy happy looking showed on the girl's face.

The teeth change is obvious. The lower set of the front teeth are protruding abnormally pre operation prevented the girl from smiling. When the lower front teeth are set-back after operation the most satisfaction of the girl is that she can smile freely in front of others.

Background Stroy

This is a quiet and polite girl with beautiful facial features except the protruding mouth. The girl told Dr. Fushun Ma that when she see herself in a mirror she always see a angry face. As in her before surgery photos we can notice her mouth is somehow unnatural especially when she show her malocclusion teeth in situations such as smile. She came and complained that the teeth problem annoyed her much and made her lost her confidence facing people.

After surgery this girl recovered smoothly. Four months post operation she came back to see Dr. Ma and wanted to know if she can use her front teeth to bite when eating. Followed careful examination of the healing of the surgical incisions and test the combining strength of the free frontal segment of the moved and fixed mandible bone, Dr. Fushun Ma concluded that after surgery her teeth alignment is good, her incisions healed good and her mandible bone is strong enough to handle a normal eating. So she was told to go back to normal eating habit avoiding foods that is too hard.

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