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Masseter Muscle Partial Resectomy Square Face Reduction

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The masseter muscle is the biggest muscle in the human face. Its main function is provide chewing force. The masseter muscle varies in size. A big masseter muscle itself will make the face look square. So if the square face is caused simply by a pair of hypertrophic masseter muscle a muscle resectomy may well modify the face to a smoother one. However in most cases a hypertrophic masseter muscle can provide great force to pull the mandible angle. This force stimulates the mandible to grow oversize or make the mandible angle convex especially in the human developing phase. This situation is called the Benign Masster Muscle and Mandible Bone Hypertrophy in medical term. If the mandible bone is already big a simple masseter muscle resectomy may not be able to achieve a ideal face reduction result.

Simple masseter muscle reduction surgery also is a good choice for those whose face is not very wide and who don't wish to make a dramatic change on facial outline.  In this instance a simple masseter muscle reduction is needed and no mandible ostectomy may be required. So the post operation shape of the mandible bone remains natural and at the same time a square face turns to a smoother one. The situation of the beautiful girl showed on this page is like this. Her face wasn't very big originally. When she saw Dr. Fushun Ma she said that her Mom can accept muscle reduction but not bone reduction believing bone surgery is a major operation. On the other hand she also didn't want to change her look in a big deal as she like the shape and size of her mandible bone. A simple masseter muscle reduction surgery was done for her to meet her demand.

masseter musle reduction photos
After bilateral masseter muscle reduction the lower part of the face is narrower. The square look of the lower facial line is replace with a smo0ther one in a  nice curve.

masseter musle reduction photos in profile
In the profile view after masseter muscle reduction surgery the dividing line between the mandible lower edge and the neck is blurred. The mass effect of the masseter muscle disappeared.

masseter muscle reduction chin up position
The face is slimmer after masseter muscle reduction surgery while the shape of mandible line and mandible angle keeps the same in chin up position.

the muscle removed from masseter muscle reduction surgery
The amount of masseter muscle needed to be trimmed down defers from people to people and from side to side.

Remark on Photos of Masseter Muscle Resectomy Square Face Reduction

Most of the people with a square face have a hypertrophic masseter muscle. Masseter muscle resetomy alone or combined with mandible bone reduction could fundamentally improve the facial outline for those who have a square face. The girl in the pictures of this page wanted to change the square look of her face without making a big change on her facial outline, plus she was afraid of cut her bone. So a simple masseter muscle reduction surgery was selected. The photos were taken before the operation and one month after the operation. The following describes the deference between these before and after surgery photos.

In front view the lower part of the before surgery photo is in a square shape and the mandible line is not smooth. The right side of the face is bigger than the left. After surgery the square look disappeared and the angled mandible line was replace by a smoothly curved one. The size of the face is more symmetrical due to the volume adjustment of the masseter muscle by removing different volume of muscle mass. The last photo in this page shows the masseter muscle been removed from the face of this girl. On the left side of the photo is the muscle removed from the left side of her face. Comparing to the opposite side the volume of muscle removed on this side is bigger.

Profile view the definition of the lower line of the mandible bone is not as clear as before surgery. The dividing line of the face from the neck is somehow blurred. The mandible angle area and side of the mandible area is not as full as before the surgery indicating these areas are slimmer. In the chin up profile position the line of the mandible lower edge and the mandible angle can be vividly seen on both before and after photos with their shape and size remaining the same indicating the mandible bone has not changed much.

The last photo shows the muscle been removed. We can clearly see that both the muscle and the tendon( the white parts attached to the red muscle tissue) have been trimmed off. Muscle resectomy reduce the mass of the masseter muscle directly while the removal of the tendon will cause masseter muscle waste atrophy further reducing the volume of the muscle in a long run. This girl's face is already smaller at the time of only one month after operation. She can expect an even slimmer face in several months or couple of years later.

Some of the candidates worry that the masseter muscle resectomy may interferes the jaw movement thus the eating function. This concern is not necessary. First of all the masseter muscle is only partially been cut off. The contraction of a normal masseter muscle provides much greater force than needed for chewing. The remaining power after partial resectomy of the masseter muscle can still accomplish the chewing task therefore the eating function. Secondly when we chew there are some other muscles working together with the masseter muscle. These coordinating muscles will take the shared responsibility of the removed masseter muscle.

At the time when this beautiful girl came back for follow up one month post surgery her masseter muscle function is normal so as her eating function. She was also satisfied with the surgery outcomes believing that was what she wanted before the surgery. When she learned from Dr. Fushun Ma that her face will be even slimmer with time she was even more happy.

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