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Square Face Reduction Surgery

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type A facical formation
Diagram of a
"A" type face

Square face also know as angled face is a type of facial contour characterized with a narrow upper face and angled wide lower face like the shape of letter "A" or letter "H". The formation of this type of face is due to the oversized mandible bone and masseter muscle with or without a narrow forehead. In "A" shape face the mandible bone and the masseter muscle are overgrowth or the mandible bone angle is convexes laterally making the width of the lower face wider than the width of the upper and middle face exceeding the relationshap of a "H" type face(refer to the figure on the right).

A square face can be easily converted to a oval face or a slim face by some kind of plastic surgeries. Some square face candidates want to change their face into a "V" shape one. This kind of demand is hard to meet technically. For a "A" shape face with narrow upper face and wide middle lower face it is almost impossible to convert to a "V" shape one surgically. We can reduce the size of the lower face in a great deal to meet the requirement of a "V" shape face, however we can only narrow the middle face in a very limited amount. If the lower part of the face is reduced too much while the upper and middle parts remain wide a "Y" shape facial contour may be achieved instead.

square face reduction surgery
Square face changed to oval face, before and after surgery photos.

From the front view, before surgery the lower facial contour is rigid, square with sharp corners and the lower third of the face is wider than the middle and upper thirds, giving a sagging look and heavy feeling with a strong facial base. After surgery the middle and lower thirds of the face is markedly narrowed and the whole face looks younger as the gravity center of the face moved upward. And also a slimmer face makes this lady looks more charming. This kind of cosmetic improvement can only be achieved by reduction surgeries of the lower and middle face. Attempt to achieve a oval or "V" shape face by making the forehead wider may only make the face swollen or ever square.

square face plastic surgery
After square face plastic surgery the angle of mandible bone changed and the size of the mandible bone is also reduced.

square face reduction surgery lateral
After surgery the rear part of the mandible bone is reduced in size and the angle of the mandible changed.

In the lateral and angled view after surgery the mandible angle is no longer stick out. The vertical length of the mandible bone under the ear lobe is shorter. The size of the mandible bone is smaller. The angle degree of the mandible bone opens wider and the mandible line is lifted. Pick the mole in the middle of this beautiful girl's neck as a landmark we can easily compare the positions of this girl's mandible angle and mandible line in these two comparison photos. In the pre surgery photo the mandible angle and mandible line is closer to the mole while in the post surgery photo the distance between them gets bigger. This tell us that the mandible angle and the mandible line is lifted. This changes make the neck longer. From the post surgery photo we can find that the mandible angle is still exist and the mandible line is smoother though a substantial amount of hard tissue has been removed from the mandible bone.

square face CT image
The mandible angle of a square face convexes laterally and the angle itself is sharp.

Before surgery the front view CT image shows the greatly convexes mandible angle as the white arrows indicating on the left side image. This is the main reason why the lower part of the face looks wide from the front view. On the lateral CT image as the red arrows showing the angle of mandible bone is sharp. This is the reason why the lateral face looks saggy and heavy. A CT image analysis to determining the individual reason of a square face combined with the candidates intention toward their goal of facial contour can be very helpful in achieving a satisfactory post surgical result for square face reduction surgery.

square face with narrow forehead
A narrow forehead with wide middle and lower face constitues an A shape facial contour.

The picture above shows a different type of square face. Unlike the previous girl's face in this type of square face the characteristic feature is the narrow forehead as depicted by the white arrows in the photo. A narrow forehead followed by a wide middle and lower face, as indicated by the red arrows, forms a face in the shape of letter "A". As previously described it is more more practical to converte this type of face into a oval shape one instead of a "V" shape one.

Back Ground Story

This beautiful girl has a strong personality plus a square face giving an expression far from feminine. She acts like a boy and looks like a boy. Dr. Ma remembered that at her early stage post surgery when her face was still swelling she went to see Dr. Fushun Ma with short cut hair. Dr. Ma was really confused as if facing a boy. However when her swelling went away and her surgical result eventually revealed she doesn't look like a boy anymore even she still acts like a boy and her hair was still short. She made of good choice of selecting the surgery.

At time of consultation Dr. Fushun Ma analyzed this girl's face and her CT image realized that her forehead is not narrow and her middle face was not so wide. The big problem of her face was in the lower third. The lower third of her face was too wide to match the upper and middle portion. So a surgical plan of lower face reduction including mandible body, mandible angle, mandible ramus and mandible lower line curving reduction and masseter muscle resection reduction was designed to meet this girl's intention. Her surgery went eventless and she recovered from surgery very quickly too. The post surgery photos was token 6 months after her operation.

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