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V Line Face Reshape Surgery

Homepage Star of January 2013
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"V" line face is not a traditional face type such as "Square Face" ,"Round Face" etc. It just a description of a type of narrow face with a point chine. We all know that it is impossible to make the face as narrow as a thread. However we can trim the lower part of the face to fit a "V" shaped line with a gradually narrow pattern from the top of the forehead to the tip of the chin, even with a very sharp chin tip. As a matter of fact this kind of facial structure doesn't meet the traditional Chinese standard of beauty. But it is fashionable among young generation because it represent youth and energy.

The facial outline of the beautiful girl listed in this edition of homepage star changed in a great deal to a "V" line shape after surgery. In the before surgery photo her facial type is a square one. The overall effect of Mandible Angle and Mandible Body Reduction, Masseter Muscle Partial Resectomy, Chin Forward Sliding and Chin Reduction surgeries reshaped her face narrower and longer, from a Square Type to "V" line shape. This kind of radical facial contour reshaping needs a combination of surgeries around the jaw or even the middle face. A single surgery for a localized area in the face could not achieve the goal of change like this.

V line shape plastic surgery
A ?盫" line shape facial contour is achieved by surgeries of mandible reduction, masseter muscle resectomy, chin forward sliding and reduction.

chin sliding forward surgery
The effect of chin forward sliding surgery is best show in the profile photo. After surgery this beautiful girl's chin is moved forward distinctly.

 the chin after sliding forward surgery
Comparison photos of chin sliding forward surgery in the right profile photo.

V line face contour
After surgery the chin was moved forward and downwardly.The whole face looks more beautiful.

In the front view this girl's face changed dramatically. First of all her face is longer, not just looks longer nor the distortion of the lens made it longer, the actual measurement of her face is longer. As we can see from the photo that her forehead occupied the same space in the picture, while the operated lower face is longer in the post surgery photo. The elongation effect of the face is achieved by Chin Forward Sliding Surgery, which moves the chin bone downward while sliding it forwardly. It is this downward movement of the chin bone made the chin bone taller and at the same time the face longer. Beside chin sliding surgery this girl also did mandible angle and mandible body reduction and also masseter muscle resectomy surgeries. All these surgeries at the rear part of the jaw bone made the back of the mandible area slimmer. Without chin surgery the front part of the jaw became relatively too wider to match the whole face. So in terms of chin surgeries for this girl a forward and downward sliding is still not enough. A chin reduction is needed to narrow down the width of it. One might say the chin doesn't look wide in the before surgery photo. That is only true when the rear part of the mandible is wide too. Once the back of the jaw is narrowed down a chin narrowing is almost mandatory.

In the front view photo we could also notice that the back part of the jaw is slimmer due to the Mandible Body, Mandible Angle Reduction and Masseter Muscle Partial Resectomy surgeries. Without these rear mandible reduction surgeries the chin surgeries can only make the front part of the mandible narrower and longer. The whole contour of the face will not look natural.

Compared to the letter "V" this girl's chin tip is still not point enough. A natural looking chin like in her post surgery photo is the dream of most of the cosmetic surgery seekers. However for those who pursuit a real "V" shape chin other procedures than chin bone reduction is needed, because even the chin bone is trimmed very sharp like a "V" the overlay soft tissue and skin still can blur the sharpness of the chine bone to a blunt look chin tip. Some sub dermal implant or injectable can be used to achieve the goal of a sharp chin tip. Dr. Fushun Ma is very cautious regarding injecting any foreign material into the body as it may be very difficult go get rid of in case there is any side effect from the injection.

In profile the division line between the face and neck are blurred on both sides. That  mains the surgeries on the mandible angle, mandible body and masseter muscle reduce the volume of the rear part of the mandible and this area is no longer bulging out. The chin sliding surgery made the mandible line longer and the tip of the chin moved forward and downwardly in this position. Also the lip chin and chin neck angles are curved more beautifully and the heights of the upper and lower face are more proportional.

In angle shot this girl's before surgery photo gives an impression of flat face bause her face is wide. The mandible angle reduction and masseter muscle removal reduced the back of the jaw and chin sliding surgery moved the chin forward and downwardly. All these changes granted a longer and set forward jaw, giving a face with more definition.

The after surgery photos was token two and half years post her operation and she is satisfied with her changes.

A "V" shape face represent youth and energy as stated above. However not everyone can benefit from changing the facial contour to a "V" shape. For instance if a person's forehead is wide a "V" shape face surgery will make lower face too slim to match the upper part, thus the whole face disproportional. Or if a person's face is already quite long we can't do much to make it shorter at the time of narrowing it. The face may end up to be too long for a good looking. One must remember to choose a cosmetic surgery according to one's own desire and condition.

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