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Underbite Correction Surgery Returns a Bright Smile
An underbite is a dental malocclusion condition where the lower jaw protrudes foreward abnormally, partially overlapping with the upper teeth due to the imbalanced development of the upper and lower jaw. In frontal view the chin of an underbite patient only looks relatively bigger. In profile view the chin stands out from the face like an outstretched drawer. The functional interference in an undebite arrangement includes speech difficulty for syllables.. (2017-11-17)
Bimaxillary Reduction Plasty Protruding Mouth Correction
For those who have a protruding mouth the profile outline may not necessarily in the shape of a "bird's beak" if their chin is not retrograded. Rather their profile outline of the whole lower face may protruded and the center of gravity of the face shifted to the lower face. In this scenario bimaxillary reduction plastic surgery alone may satisfactorily improve the facial figure. If the chin is also protruding a chin reduction surgery may be combined i.. (2017-04-29)
Mandible Body Reduction Rounded Face Reshaping
A rounded face may look pretty. In fact for some people a round face may give a impression of young and full of energy. So many people want a baby face. However if a person's facial bone is already big and on top of that his or her facial fat is thick than the face present as a big rounded fatty one. This condition may not meet the value of beauty in most people's mind. So for those facial reshaping plastic surgery seekers who have fatty faces with big .. (2017-01-02)
Nasal Bone Osteotomy Nose-narrowing Rhinoplasty
Wide nose indicates a nose which is too wide disproportionate to the giving nasal height and facial width. Depend on the tissue involvement it can be divided into bony wide nose and soft tissue wide nose. AS the bony structure of the nose only exist in the upper and middle portion the shape of a bony wide nose may resemble a "barrel" or a "bottle gourd". In soft tissue wide nose the nasal shape generally is in a reversed "V" with wide nostrils. The Bony.. (2016-10-25)
Zygomatic and Mandibular Bone Surgery for the Correction of Facial ..
Facial asymmetry can be caused by various factors. Among them the most common causative factors include the improper habitual such as constantly unilateral chewing or habitual torticollis, and heritage conditions such as muscular torticollis. It frequently involves both bone and soft tissue asymmetry of the face. It is very rare for facial asymmetry that only involves soft tissue or bone alone. There are different manifestation of facial asymmetry. Howe.. (2016-09-10)
Wedged Front Part Ostectomy of Mandible Bone Chin Reduction
Over growth of the ramus of the mandible forms a big mandible bone and thus frequently causes an underbite occlusion. The surgery to correct this condition is called a Sagittal Splitting Ramus Osteotomy (SSRO). However in some other situations the oversized mandible bone is not caused by the overgrowth of the ramus but by the overgrowth of the front part or the body of the mandible bone. In this instance SSRO is not the best choice of selection, instead.. (2016-06-23)
Snore Free after Chin Forward Sliding Surgery
Chin retrogression, also know as micro chin or small chin deformity, is a common cosmetic problem. A small chin not only post a facial figure problem, it also cause health problems like snore, sleep apnea or even chronic diseases from repeated hypoxemia as a small chin bone makes a small oral cavity and the stuff in the mouth is relatively too big resulting repeated obstruction of the airway in sleep. A chin forward sliding surgery can help to release t.. (2016-05-18)
Bimaxillary Plastic Surgery For A Better Smile
Bimaxillary protrusion can be divided into bony protrusion which is caused by the overgrowth of the chin bone and the maxillary bone, or teeth protrusion caused by the frontal inclination of the incisor teeth. No matter which is the cause the common signs of bimaxillary protrusion include the upper and lower lip's augmentation in profile view, lip eversion, overexpose of teeth and gum, open lips and muscle fatigue when deliberately force the lips close .. (2016-03-04)
Mandible Angle Resection Mandible Plasty
Some of the square face is mainly due to the overgrowth of the mandible angle, while the masseter muscle is not remarkably oversize. In this sense the mandible angle should be bulkily chop off in order to get rid of the square shape of the lower face. When we cut one corner off from a square we get a pentagon. Similarly if we cut the angle of the mandible  off straightly we get two angles. To avoid the formation of double mandible angles the mandib.. (2016-02-01)
Angle Reserve Mandible Reduction
Mandible reduction is the first surgery that has been used to make the face smaller for cosmetic purpose. However the prototype of this procedure mainly forced on the angle of the mandible bone. This type of surgery has limited effect on facial width reduction except for less than one fourth of the facial reduction candidates whose square face is caused by the eversion of the mandible angle. For the majority of the candidates a combination surgical bone.. (2015-12-23)
Big Face Reduction 
In everyday life there are always some people blame there big face and want make their face smaller. When they consult for surgery they may be suggested different kinds of procedures depend on which surgeon they see. And the more surgeons consulted the easier one can get lost on which procedure is suitable. For example if a surgeon who is good at lipo suction is encountered a lipo suction on the face may be suggested, or a maxillofacial surgeon may like.. (2015-12-03)
Contour Surgery for Torticollis Induced Facial Asymmetry
The cause of wry face or asymmetric face may vary. Some due to the congenital factors but most of them is caused by the asymmetric facial growth during a person's development stage. Among them congenital muscular torticollis counts for the most common single causative factor for all wry faces. In torticollis the sternocleidomastoid muscle is injured during delivery and the muscle heals with contracture. The shortened muscle keeps dragging the neck of th.. (2015-11-02)
Early Correction for Traumatic Nasal Deviation
The bony nose is compose of the nasal bone and the process of the maxillary bone. Both of them are very thin, so the bony nose tend to be brake under injury force. The form nasal deformity caused by injury could be various depending on the direction and energy of the causing impact, including deviation deformity that means the bony nose twisted to one side or another and saddle deformity which means the bony part of the nose is compressed to become flat.. (2015-07-26)
Changing the Face Slimmer in One OR Trip
For those who have a big wide face their main complain always is like " I specially do not like my big face, please change my face as slimmer as possible." If take a close look of their face one may notice that the whole face is big and round. In this circumstance the face can't be downsized just by a simple zygomatic reduction or mandible reduction. No matter the zygoma surgery which reduces the size of the middle face or the mandible surgery which red.. (2015-06-06)
Broad Chin After Mandible Reduction Surgery
The chinplasty can be done at the same time when the mandible and masseter muscle reductions are done. If only the mandible is reduced leaving the chin untouched, the chin may end up looking wider thought the actual width of the chin keeps the same. That is because the reduction of the mandible changes the width ratio between the chin and the mandible bone. For each individual cosmetic surgery seeker weather the chinplasty is combined with the mandible .. (2015-04-13)
Deviation Facial Deformity
Deviated face is one kind of maxillofacial deformity means that the asymmetric growth of the facial bone causing three dimensional disfigure of the face. This is due to the unbalanced development of the maxillary bones. It may related to congenital or acquired situations such as injury, improper gesture or habits. For those who suffer minor facial deviation there may be no notable abnormality. Severe facial deviation may present as badly facial deformit.. (2015-01-29)
Chin and Jaw Plastic Surgery
Chin is the most front part of the jaw bone. The medical term for chin bone plastic surgery is genoplasty. Though chin is part of the jaw bone, jaw plastic surgery or mandible plastic surgery doesn't normally include the chin. Because these two surgeries don't share the same surgical incision. The chin plastic surgery needs an incision on the mucosa at the front of the gingival fold of the incisor teeth, while the jaw plastic surgery's incision located .. (2014-12-24)
Protrusion Mouth Plastic Surgery for Male
Talking about face contour male face is bony compared to the female. As a matter of fact bony is one of the characters of the male facial contour. Once the mouth is protruded the male face will look too bony to be good look. Male protrusion mouth occurs less frequently than overbite deformity. However its correction surgery is more complex because both upper and lower jaw have to be modified. Male mouth protrusion is more related to the overgrowth of th.. (2014-12-10)
Trimming the Face in Stages
To trim a big face smaller multiple surgeries normally needed. The big face here meant the whole parameter of the face is big different from the localized facial overgrowth. The effect of localized facial overgrowth forms characterized facial type. For example localized overgrowth of the zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch will make the facial type of a diamond. The benign hypertrophy of the mandible bone and masseter muscle will constitute a "square face.. (2014-11-14)
Combined Facial Contour Surgeries for a "V" Line Face
Maxillary bone is the facial bones that form the contour of the face. In the past maxillofacial surgery meant to treat both the congenital and acquired maxillary deformities. However nowadays the most done maxillofacial surgery is actually maxillofacial cosmetic surgery on faces without any deformity. The purpose of these surgery is to make the face look more beautiful or change the facial contour to a certain type. Not like deformity correction the cos.. (2014-09-28)