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Cheekbone Reduction with Simultaneous Facelift
For young patients a right performed cheekbone reduction surgery will make the face look younger because of the effective shrinkage of the facial skin and soft tissue after the surgery actually lift the face instead of making it sagging. However for elderly candidates with loose facial skin the lift effect brought by cheekbone reduction alone is not enough for a descent face rejuvenation. In this instance a simultaneous temporal lift under the same inc.. (2014-09-01)
Square Face to Oval Face Surgery
For those square faced candidates whose zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch are not oversized a simple mandible bone reduction and partial masseter muscle removal could change the facial type to the ideal "oval face". And also if the chin bone is not too wide or if "melon seed face" is not the desired target facial type there is no need to trim the chin bone slimmer. In this scenario the removal amount of the mandible bone and the masseter muscle should b.. (2014-08-11)
Forward Sliding Surgery for Retrograded Chin
The retrograded chin means that the chin is not forwardly protruding enough from the profile and the height of the chin ( the distance between the lip and the tip of the chin) not long enough. Chin retrograding not only interferes the facial figure but also the breathing function. Snore is believed to be related to chin retrograding for some people. When the chin is retrograde the distance between the chin bone and the vertebral bone is narrower, left s.. (2014-07-01)
Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Reduction for a Slimmer Face
In many people's impression, in order to make a face slimmer mandible angle reduction surgeries should be considered. Actually, mandible angle reduction surgeries alone are only good in the improvement of square faces without zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch oversize. Otherwise after the angle is reduced and the lower face narrowed down the width of the middle face will appeared even bigger because of the contrast effect. So for those candidates who ha.. (2014-06-13)
Mandible Bone and Mandible Angle Reduction for Male
For boys a square face is considered handsome. However if the mandible bone and the masseter muscle are oversized too much the borderline between the chin and the masseter muscle can be easily seen from the front view. Even more as male face has less sub dermal fat the muscle fiber shows at bite then the masseter muscles are too strong. In such cases many of those who don't wish a tough appearance normally want to reduce the size of the mandible bone an.. (2014-06-01)
Multiple Excision Nasal Dorsum Scar Removal
We all know that facial scar has  great influence on people's appearance, but there are still no way to eliminate it completely without any trace, even to make the scar on the face smaller is a challenge to the plastic surgeons.  Skin in different areas of the face has different thickness and color. And the facial skin is also obviousl.. (2014-05-13)
Parted Lips and Sticking Out Teeth Correction Surgery
Most people like to smile and they surely open their lips to show their teeth when smiling and laughing. Whereas some people always show their teeth between the open lips no matter happy or not, even in an unhappy mode. This does not mean that these people do not want to keep their lips closed. On the contrary they know that they have the problem and always try to close their lips, especially in important occasions such as on the stage during a meeting... (2014-02-24)
Transforming the Square Face to Oval Shape with Mandible Angle and ..
Though Dr. Fushun Ma now using whole mandible bone sculpture technique for mandible reduction facial reshaping, in the past however simple mandible angle reduction and masseter muscle resectomy have been used in some facial reshaping patients and ideal post surgical results have been achieved too. At the time when facial reduction plasty was first introduced a bias believing was that the square shape of the face is caused by an oversized mandible angle... (2014-01-03)
Underbite Correction Plastic Surgery
Normally or for most people the upper set of teeth is located in front of and partially cover the lower set. This kind of occlusion is call the normal overbite. When the jaw is overgrowth or the upper jaw is undergrowth or even both anomalies coexist the lower set of teeth protrudes to the front of the upper set forming the abnormality of underbite. In this case the jaw is big, the lower lip is more protruding than the upper one, the middle part of the .. (2013-12-05)
Twisted Hump Nose Plastic Surgery
The hump nose is mainly caused by the overgrowth of the bony nasal septum. The oversized septum lifts the nasal dorsum forming an augmentation in the middle of the dorsum like the hump of a camel. So a nose in this shape is called as "Hump Nose". The covering nasal bone restrict the enlargement of the developing bony nasal septum in some extent. If the restriction is too tight or the growth development of the bony septum is too fast there is not enough .. (2013-11-07)
Feathering Reduction Malar Plasty
There are many ways to reduce the size of the malar from the early method of bone filing to latterly developed numerous patterns of osteotomy. Malar filing down is suitable to those who do not expect a major change of facial type. The high rate of post surgical hypertrophy of the malar bone limites the preva lence of this procedure. Among various osteotomy approaches the popular front end or both front and posterior end osteotomy can not change the curv.. (2013-10-13)
Facial Reduction with Massseter Muscle and Buccl Fat Partial Removal
For those whose mandible bone is not big and the mandible angles are not eversion, a simple partial masseter muscle removal could well redefine the Square Face to a Oval one. Except candidates with remarkable eversion mandible angles The facial width of all other square face candidates could be reduced by masseter muscle resection. On the contrary without muscle reduction a pure mandible bone reduction can not do much in reducing the facial width in Squ.. (2013-09-25)
Chin Forward Sliding and Mandible Reduction
Chin augmentation is a popular and common cosmetic surgery. It is so popular that many candidates whose condition need a Chin Forward Sliding surgery is misdirected to undergo a chin augmentation surgery, because the augmentation surgery is miner and simple requiring less training for the surgeon and less sophisticated set up for the surgery institute. But the implant used for chin augmentation is foreign body to human. Many patients with chin implant e.. (2013-08-12)
Protrusion Mouth Plastic Surgery
Mouth protrusion is a common. The protrusion of the mouth is due to the protrusion of the upper and lower set of teeth. Again the protrusion of the teeth is caused by the overgrowth of the upper and lower jaw bone. So the seemed mouth protrusion actually is rooted from the oversized jaw bones. A thick lip rarely cause mouth protrusion. Therefore the plastic surgery of a protrusion mouth is in fact the reduction of the size of the upper and lower jaw bon.. (2013-07-20)
Mandible Bone and Masseter Muscle Reduction to Achieve a Melon Seed..
"Melon seed face" describes a facial type with an outline contour that follows the a melon seed's. If we study the shape of a "melon seed" we can easily imaging what a "melon seed face" look like. Take the common melon seed, watermelon seed as an example, its upper two thirds are wide and full while the lower third is narrow and thin and the transform from wide to narrow is natural and smooth. There is no obvious boundary between the wide and narrow par.. (2013-07-01)
Whole Mandible Reduction and Upper Jaw Advancement Surgery
Mandible bone, also known as the "Jaw Bone" is the biggest and the only movable bone among the human head and face bones. The over growth or imbalanced growth of this bone could cause problems such as under bite, facial deviation or giant jaw appearance. An oversized mandible bone dose not necessarily cause facial deformity. However a big jaw bone make the lower part of the face wide giving a dripping face appearance or make a person looks older. On top.. (2013-05-22)
Face Reduction Plastic Surgery
The beautiful girl on this page believed that her face was too big and then came to Dr. Fushun Ma for surgical help. Upon seeing her Dr. Ma realized that the size of her face is not proportional to her whole body and to the facial organ's arrangement on her face. A face reduction surgery could improve her figure. So Dr Ma did Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Reduction, Masseter Muscle Partial Resectomy and Mandible Bone Sculpture Reduction for her. The size of.. (2013-03-16)
Correcttive Surgery of the Deviated Nose
"Deviated nose", also know as "Wry nose" or "crooked nose", has many manifestations. A nose could be deviated on the face straightly or curved in a "C" or "L" shape. A hump nose often is deviated but rarely a small nose or saddle nose is deviated. Though a deviated nose could be in various shape basically we can divide them into two deferent categories, the deviated straight nose and the deviated curve nose. A deviated straight nose indicated that a nos.. (2013-02-19)
V Line Face Reshape Surgery
"V" line face is not a traditional face type such as "Square Face" ,"Round Face" etc. It just a description of a type of narrow face with a pointing chine. We all know that it is impossible to make the face as narrow as a thread. However we can trim the lower part of the face to fit a "V" shaped line with a gradually narrow pattern from the top of the forehead to the tip of the chin, ever with a very sharp chin tip. As a matter of fact this kind of faci.. (2013-01-15)
Mandible Angle Reduction Surgery
The new concept of square face plastic surgery has changed from traditionally the mandible angle ostectomy or filing to a combination of surgeries, as to change the square look of the face multiple procedures toward the mandible bone and the masseter muscle are needed in order to get a smooth reduction result. However for some candidates especially those who simply have mandible angle eversion without mandible body or chin oversize, mandible angle reduc.. (2012-12-14)