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Cheekbone Reduction Surgery Before and After Surgery Photos
Cheekbone Reduction is one kind of the Cheekbone plastic surgeries. The oriental descendent have prominent cheekbone, so their cheekbone plastic surgeries are dominated by cheekbone reduction. The Caucasians have flat cheekbone, therefore their cheekbone plastic surgery is concentrated on cheekbone augmentation. The reduction surgery means to reduce the size of the cheekbone using various surgical techniques. While the augmentation means to make the che.. (2012-11-24)
Chin Forward Sliding Before and After Surgery Photos
Chin forward sliding, known as Chin Forward Sliding Surgery, or Sub Apical Horizontal Mandible Osteotomy Chin Advancement Surgery, or simply Chin Advancement Surgery. It is a cosmetic surgery to make the chin pointer and higher by cutting the chin bone horizontally and move this free piece of bone forward and downwardly. This surgery can achieve the effect of chin implant without insert any foreign material into the body. More over at the time of making.. (2012-11-09)
Maxillary Protrusion Correction Before and After Surgery Photos
Maxillary protrusion, also know as overbite, indicates the protrusion facial figure caused by the over growth of the maxillary bone. In occasion of mandible(jaw) undergrowth the mandible retracts making the upper jaw relatively protruding. This condition is not a real maxillary protrusion. In rare occasion a real maxillary protrusion and mandible undergrowth may coexist. Under this circumstance the upper and lower jaw relationship is not reliable to jud.. (2012-10-26)
Cheekbone Reshaping Face Reduction
Face reduction could mean to make the face smaller by ways such as facial liposuction, buccal fat removal and masseter muscle resection. However face reduction mostly means to trim the face slimmer, to be exact to narrow the face by surgeries that could reduce the size of the facial bone. These surgeries include cheekbone reduction, jaw reduction and chin reduction surgery etc. So face reduction surgeries doesn't mean a single surgery but a group of sur.. (2012-10-09)
Augmentation Rhinoplaty and Blephroplasty
Many ladies and gentlemen of Asian origin bear a small nose, not high enough, not straight enough and not big enough to match the wide face. In this instance a rhinoplasy means to increase the size of the nose, to make the base of the nose higher and to stretch the nose longer if needed. There are many ways to fulfill the above goal. However augmentation rhinoplasty is still the most practical, the most economic, the simplest and the least work day lose.. (2012-09-16)
Plastic Surgery Changing Asymmetric Square Face to Oval One
This month's homepage star is such a girl who wanted to change her facial and change it in a subtle way. Mandible reduction and masseter muscle partial resectomy surgeries was performed for her by Dr. Fushun Ma. All the following photos depict her facial contour changes between before and after surgery. Originally this girl's face is kind of square and asymmetric. After surgery her face type changed to a "oval one" with the facial width gradually narrow.. (2012-08-31)
Cheek Jaw Reduction and Chin Augmentation with Self Bone Graft
Facial reduction surgeries such as Zygomatic Bone and Zygomatic Arch Reduction Surgery or Mandible Reduction Surgery are not only the favorite surgeries for girls, boys also want to choose these surgeries to change the rough appearance to a smoother and cute looking in reinforcing their youthhood. However the facial bone and soft tissue, especially the subdermal fat tissue are deferent between female and male. Compared to the girls the boys are bony, th.. (2012-08-05)
Asymmetric Face Correction Surgery
Asymmetric face also know as crooked face, twisted face, imbalanced face or deviated face etc. For most of the sufferers there is no proved etiology. It is believed to be related to hereditary factors, congenital or acquired developmental disorders, life style and some kinds of stomatological disease. Only a small amount of asymmetrical face sufferers whose cause of facial asymmetry is clear. Most of the sufferers can't find out why their face is so asy.. (2012-04-25)
Chin Forward Sliding and Reduction Surgery
There are different surgical procedures of choice that could narrow the width of the chin. If the chin is wide and slightly receding a simple chin augmentation will handle the problem. A careful carving of the chin implant can make the chin narrow and protruding forwardly. If the chin recedes too much for instance more than 1cm, a simple chin implant will not be able to achieve a good result as a very big implant can give the chin an unnatural look or e.. (2012-04-07)
V Shape Face Achieved by Cheek Bone Reduction Surgery
The cheek bone also known as zygomatic bone and the zygomatic arch locates in the middle part of the lateral face. People with big zygomatic bone and/or lateral bulging zygomatic arch have wide middle face and normally have diamond shape facial outline. A zygomatic bone and zygmatic arch reduction surgery may change the this diamond facial type into oval, egg or round. Only a small number of diamond shape face could directly become a "V" shape face by c.. (2012-03-12)
Surgical Correction of Bimaxillary Protrusion with Micrognathia
Bimaxillary protrusion also know as upper and lower jaw protrusion or mouth protrusion deformity with a characteristic facial contour of protruded mouth, teeth exposure and lip closure problem. A oral examination could reveal that the upper and lower sets of teeth stick out to the front. The upper and lower incisors normally tilting out to the front. If not the upper and lower jaw bone will protruding to the front in a great deal in those who suffer fro.. (2012-03-12)
Square Face Reduction Surgery
Square face also know as angled face is a type of facial contour characterized with a narrow upper face and angled wide lower face like the shape of letter "A" or letter "H". The formation of this type of face is due to the oversized mandible bone and masseter muscle with or without a narrow forehead. In "A" shape face the mandible bone and the masseter muscle are overgrowth or the mandible bone angle is convexes laterally making the width of the lower .. (2011-12-25)
Zygomatic Arch and Zygoma Reduction
There are some surgery procedures that can reduce the zygomatic arch and zygoma. Some surgeons still utilize Frontal End Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Osteotomy or Frontal and Rear End Zygoma and Zygomaitc Arch Osteotomy. As these two surgical procedures can not make the arch of the zygoma flat therefore no natural shape of the zygomatic arch can be achieved after surgery. Also the side effect of post surgery facial sagginess caused by the Frontal End Zygom.. (2011-12-06)
Revision Mandible and Masseter Muscle Redution
This handsome boy previously did mandible angle reduction and is not satisfied with the result feeling that his lower face is still too wide and the chin is too square and asymmetric. He then came to me and toke surgeries of mandible and chin reduction and masseter muscle resectomy. On 3 months post operation follow-up the boy replied to Dr. Ma's request: "I am not a movie star and not a lot people knowing me. If it is necessary you surely can post me p.. (2011-10-19)
Mandible Angle Reduction Plastic Surgery
The girl said: "Dr. Ma, my face seemed asymmetric. At the beginning I didn't notice that. When I went to take my wedding photos the photographer told me I should avoid some kind of angle and expression because my face is not very symmetric. Since then I feel more asymmetry after each self exam of my own face. I was wondering if some more surgeries could help." (2011-10-19)
Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Reduction Plus Chin Forwarding Surgery
The zygoma bone resection and zygomatic arch smoothing plasty were done for this girl. 2 months postoperative follow-up. The surgical swelling still not totally subsided. Yet the girl's facial contour changed ideally already. A narrower and more charming face is presented. . Surgery underwent?? zygoma and zygomatic arch reduction plasty chin forwarding plasty. reference reading--zygoma plasty. (2011-10-19)
Mandible Reduction and Masseter Muscle Resectomy
The pictures were toke one year after operation. Dr. Ma still remembered that this girl called Dr. Ma one month after operation worrying that the surgery didn't made her face any smaller. She was wondering the surgery may be too conservative that didn't change her face any. Dr. Ma told her at the time of one month post operation the final result will net show even the swelling already been subsided because of the scaring tissue deep inside till make the.. (2011-10-19)
Mandible and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery
This girl's operation include mandible reduction and masseter muscle reduction. Previously we call this surgery mandible angle reducton surgery wich mainly deals with the angle of the mandible bone. Now Dr. Ma's mandible reduction surgery is not only restricted in trimming the bone of mandilble angle. The surgery involves a bigger area of mandible body,its lower edge and masseter muscle etc. Only by doing surgery on this big area the drawback of "angle".. (2011-10-19)
Surgical Correction of Bimaxillary protrusion
This girl underwent bimaxillary protrusion correction surgery to move the front parts of the upper and lower jaw backward for improving her looking and solving the open lip problem. If only the upper jaw is pushed back a malocclusion may occur, so normally both upper and lower jaw need to be moved together. In real life we may only notice the protruding upper jaw while neglect the lower jaw. However when we pay attention on observing the lower.. (2011-10-19)
Nasal elongation and bimaxillary correction plastic surgery
This beautiful girl did Rhino Elongation and Bimaxillary Correction surgery. The pictures are token before operation and one year and 4 months post operation. Comparing the pre-operation pictures we could notice the following changes on her face. The nose is longer with a pointer and smaller tip. The nostril is less exposed and columella lip angle is smaller. The lips are no longer protruding and the chin looks longer and pointer though there are no sur.. (2011-10-19)