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Comparison Analysis of Zygoma and zygomatic arch smooth reduction p..
This beautiful girl underwent Zygoma and Zygomatic Arch Smooth Reduction Surgery only. Yet the change on her face seemed she did more than just one operation. She looks much more beautiful than before without any trace of surgery. This is the magic effect of cosmetic surgery--changing a person's appearance in a subtle way, beauty without any trace. (2011-10-19)
Two months after zygoma plastic surgery and zygomatic arch smooth r..
The most concerned question is post cosmetic surgery recovery time for cosmetic surgery candidates. Almost every candidate will ask Dr. Ma such questions as how long should I recover from surgery at the time of their pre operation consultation. However hardly any people realized that the facial bone reduction surgery may let the bony face fuller and younger. (2011-10-19)
Crossbite and Underbite Correction Plastic Surgery
Crossbite deformity is caused by the overgrowth of the mandible bone resulting in an appearance of protruding lower jaw and lower lip and a malocclusion of lower scissors overbite. The face is narrow and long like a "horse face" in profile. The scissor and and back teeth is in malocclusion. With good adaption and wearing the granning function for the back teeth is well preserved. The mandible ramous is longer than normal as a result of overgrowth. When .. (2011-10-19)
Reduction Plastic Surgery of Asymmetric Mandible Bone and Autologou..
Reduction plastic surgery of asymmetric mandible bone, also known as asymmetric face plastic surgery or asymmetric jaw plastic surgery, is a common plastic surgery of the mandible bone. The procedure of the asymmetric mandible bone plastic surgery is similar to those of the simple mandible bone or mandible angle reduction plastic surgery. (2011-10-19)
Horizontal Osteotomy Advancement Genioplasty
Advancemetn Genioplasty also called Forward Sliding Genioplasty or Horizontal Osteotomy Advancement Genioplasty. It meant to horizontally cut free a piece of the lower part of the chin bone beneath the apex lower jaw teeth and then sliding this piece of the free bone forward and downward to make the chin longer and more protrusion. This surgery augments the chin naturally and effectively without any implanting any foreign material into the body. It is t.. (2011-10-19)
Mandible Sculpture and Masseter Muscle Reduction Surgery
Mandible sculpture is one of the mandible reduction surgeries. It means to carve the whole mandible bone in order to making the face smaller evenly and naturally. This method is better comparing to the traditional way of mandible angle reduction surgery because the carving method make the whole mandible bone smaller, not just trimming the mandible angle which could lead to a relatively wide frontal facial outline. Mandible Sculpture Surgery trims the bo.. (2011-10-19)
Before and After Surgery Photos of Zygoma and Mandible Reduction wi..
In previous years, when these operations wasn't so popular, few surgeons willing to do so many surgeries at the same time in order to avoiding the possible risk caused by prolonged surgery time and increased complexity. Following the improvement of the surgical technique and the accumulation of plastic surgeon's experience on these surgeries the risk level of these surgeries is much lower. More and more plastic and cosmetic surgeons accepted the idea of.. (2011-10-19)
Before and After Photos of Minor Underbite Correctiong Surgery
Believing that underbite is a pure teeth problem patients mostly go to a dental hospital or dental department for help. For those the front tilting is not severe and the deformity is minor, a orthodontic treatment really is a very good choice with minimal workday lose and minimal trauma. For those whose deformity is severe and the incisors tilt dramatically a correction surgery is the choice of treatment because orthodontic procedure can only let the te.. (2011-10-19)
Photos of Asymmetric Zygomatic Bone and Zygomatic Arch Reduction Pl..
The purpose of zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction surgery is to reduce the mid face width and eliminate the diamond facial outline. Like the other human organs the zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch are not symmetric. Most people's face sides only have small difference in size and shape and asymmetry is hardly noticeable. A small amount people's faces are obviously asymmetrical. An experienced plastic surgeon could easily tell the difference of .. (2011-10-19)
Photos of Nasal Bone Reduction Osteotomy for Wide Nose Correction
Nasal bone reduction osteotomy is a surgical procedure which cuts the nasal bones at different locations in order to mobilize them and then bush the bones inward to make the middle part of the nose narrower. This operation benefit those candidate whose wide nasal bones make the middle part of the nose bulging out laterally giving a barrel like shape nose. After the surgery an external fixation for a week is needed with no internal fixation and thus no f.. (2011-10-19)
Getting Younger After Zygomatic and Mandibular Bone Reduction Surge..
During pre-operation consultation Dr. Ma noticed that almost all of the zygomatic and mandible bone reduction surgery candidates worries that their facial soft tissue may become saggy after facial bone reduction surgeries thus look older. The reason of raising this kind concern can be sorted to two categories. The first one is objective. As the candidates may not well know how the surgery is done and what will happen after the surgery. They imaginably b.. (2011-10-19)
Asymmetric Lower Face Correction and Reduction Surgery
Mandibular asymmetry is one of the most common facial asymmetrical problems caused by various factors during the developing phase. The severity of the asymmetry varies from case to case and facial asymmetry commonly affect more than one parts of the face. Correction surgery of the accompanying asymmetry can be done together with the asymmetric mandible correction. A lot of times if the accompanying asymmetries are not very obvious the correction surgery.. (2011-10-19)
Masseter Muscle Partial Resectomy Square Face Reduction
The masseter muscle is the biggest muscle in the human face. Its main function is provide chewing force. The masseter muscle varies in size. A big masseter muscle itself will make the face look square. So if the square face is caused simply by a pair of hypertrophic masseter muscle a muscle resectomy may well modify the face to a smoother one. However in most cases a hypertrophic masseter muscle can provide great force to pull the mandible angle. This f.. (2011-10-20)
Minor Mouth Protrusion Plastic Surgery
Mouth protrusion also know as upper and lower maxillary protrusion, bimaxillary protrusion or bird's peak deformity, is a common form of dental occlusion abnormality. Not like other occlusion problem such as alignment disorder, bimaxillary protrusion disorder is more of a cosmetic concern rather than a pure dental disorder. A protrusion mouth alters the facial figure in a undesired way, this in turn drives the sufferer making their decision to go to th.. (2011-10-21)
Protrusion Mandible Reduction Plastic Surgery
Mandible protrusion also know as underbite or misbite. It is one of the malocclusion deformities of the upper and lower teeth. For those with minor mandible protrusion the dental occlusion is abnormal, but no facial deformity or abnormality can be noticed. For severe mandible protrusion sufferers the lower incisors could be few centimeters ahead of the upper incisors with obvious facial deformity combined with chow and speech function interference, even.. (2011-10-22)
Whole Mandible bone Reduction Facial Reshaping
The earliest surgery on mandible bone trimming aimed on facial reduction is mandible angle reduction surgery, which involves surgical procedures of cutting off or grinding down the angle of the mandible bone. As this surgery gets more and more popular and many people toke this surgery a post surgery problem of mandible angle reduction emerged. That is when the angle is reduced the front part of the face seemed even wider for those whose frontal facial o.. (2011-10-23)