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What You Should Know About Jaw or Mandible Reduction Surgery

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Jaw or mandible reduction surgery has been very popular for already many years and the number of operations per year is still climbing, as more and more people believe that the slimmer the more beautiful and also the surgery itself is more reliable and safer. However the surgeons struggle hard to make their patients happy and the surgery seeker struggle to avoid the pitfalls in their way of making themselves looking good. The following guidelines regarding surgeon shop, procedure selection, pre and post operation instruction and how to behave in the operation room may help you out.

1. Be aware of surgery indications. Not everyone can be a good candidate for mandible or jaw reduction surgery.

2.Clearly know what you want. The purpose of any cosmetic surgery is to raise self confidence of the surgery candidates. In order to do that the surgeons only help the surgery seeker to modify their body in a way they praise. For the mandible reduction instance you should tell your surgeon how would you like you facial squareness been reduced, radically or minimally. Or the motivation of surgery, whether it is for acting career or just for a smoother facial appearance.

3.Choosing the right surgeon and right procedure. There many choices of good surgeons. What Using your own judgment find a trustable surgeon. There are plenty of surgical procedures that will do the job of making the mandible smaller. Before surgery the most important thing to do is telling your surgeon which part of your jaw you seem dislike. So the surgeon can discuss with you the choices of procedures for you accordingly. For example it is the mandible bone or the masseter muscle or both of them contribute to the square jaw. If the mandible bone needs to trim down which part of the bone including the mandible angle, the mandible body or the mandible edge needs the attention. Or is there any asymmetric involved. Those are tough jobs for a non-professional candidate to work on. The best way to do it is to discuss it with your surgeon thoroughly and do some image studies such as CT scan of you facial bone as clear as possible. Some misunderstandings Dr. Ma wants to address as follow. 1. The more bone or muscle removal doesn't mean the better result. 2. The shape of the removed bone is perfect doesn't mean the shape of the remaining bone is perfect. For a perfect end result only the shape and size of the remaining bone matters, not the bone removed. 3. In regarding of surgeon shop commercial advertisement can serve as a reference. But never totally rely on the fancy commercial words.

4.Strictly following your surgeon's instruction in preparing the surgery. Such as no drink, no food within the 12 hours prier to the operation. No drugs that could cause bleeding etc.

5.Relaxing in the operating room to avoid the instability of the blood pressure. When you wake up after the surgery do everything the anesthetist orders you to do. So the anesthetist can judge your awareness correctly and terminate the intubation on time. Do not move around. Do not try to talk. Never try to help yourself at this time.

6.Following the surgeon's post operation instructions in feeding, nursing the operated area and doing the stitches removal. Normally it is very hard for an surgical operation receiver to memorize things happened around the surgery. So if possible ask your surgeon or the institute in which you did your surgery for a written post operation instruction as later on reference. It is also very important to relax in terms of a better and faster post operation recovery. The most common mistake is eager to see the operation result in a short period just  after operation. Bear in mind that if a remarkable reduction result has been achieved in less then 2 months after a mandible reduction surgery a overdone final result may well is waiting to come in a long run. Not like a blephareplasty(double eyelid surgery) the reduction result of mandible reduction surgery can only gradually show its effectiveness several months after surgery.

what you should know about mandible reduction surgery
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