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Mandible Angle Reduction Surgery With an Exaggerated Face Reshaping Result

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Result of the Mandible Angle Reduction Surgery

The face reshaping result of the mandible angle reduction surgery could be exaggerated or subtle according the the need of the operation seekers. In terms of surgical technique the up to date mandible reduction approach can meet the needs of the cosmetic surgery candidates to narrow the lower part of facial outline in various degree, even to make the facial contour unrecognizable from the pre operation one. So the most import thing for the operation seeker to do in making the surgical plan is to communicate with the surgeon in a effective way ensure that the personal need could be understand by the surgeon and the selected facial contour match the individual's facial organs well. It is a good idea to bring some facial pictures of some celebrities you like when seeing your cosmetic surgeon.  The following photos of a beautiful girl show a dramatic change of the facial contour after a mandible surgery.

Dramatic change after mandilbe angle reduction surgery
The facial contour changed dramatically after the mandible angle reduction and chin forwarding surgery.

Changes in chin up position after mandible angle reduction and chin forwarding surgery
Chin up position after mandible angle reduction and chin forwarding surgery. The reduced outline of the mandible angle is still there and mandible bone line is more vivid.

Changes after mandible angle reduction and chin forwarding surgery in profile
Lateral photos after mandible reduction and chin forwarding surgery. The mandible bone is longer in profile and the chin is pointer. The double chin disappeared also.

The operations this beautiful girl underwent include mandible angle and mandible body reduction, masseter muscle partial resectomy, mandible osteotomy chin forwarding. All these procedures can be done in a subtle way or a exaggerated way. This girl wanted her face to be narrowed dramatically. The post operation photos were token more than two year after her surgery. The post operation changes show in the photos are about the final result. Her changes on the facial contour are really dramatic either on the photos and in real person observation. This girl is satisfied with these changes in general.

Comparing the photos above we can easily notice the fundamental changes both in the front view and the profile. In the front view the width of the lower part of the face is narrowed in a great deal. We could even see some indentations on both side of the cheek. On profile the length of the mandible bone from the inferior of the ear lobe to the tip of the chin is much longer in the post operative photo making the chin more pointer. The mandible bone line is smooth without any trace of osteotomy from the chin forwarding. As the elongation of the mandible bone stretches the under chin accumulated fat and skin the double chin disappeared after surgery. The angle of the mandible is still exist only not that obvious anymore. The existing angle keeps the profile facial appearance  natural.

There are different opinions against this girl's surgical result. When some friends of Dr. Ma saw these pictures they thought the changes might be too aggressive. Actually at the time Dr. Ma saw the girl the first time after more than two year post operation Dr. Ma didn't realize that this girl is a post operation patient because of the dramatic changes on her her facial contour made her looked really defferently. It seems that her lower face is too thin to be natural. However the girl herself and her boy friend was quite agreeable to these changes believing that the post operative result is close to their pre-operative desired goal for the surgery. When Dr. Ma toke a careful look at the girl's face he found the shining aspects that constitute the beauty of her face though the face looks a little bit too thin. Originally the girl's eyes are sinking and nose is high compared to the ordinary Chinese people. The indented cheek and protruding chin from the surgery match the girl's facial character well and make her facial landmarks more vivid and distinctive and the whole face looks more beautiful.

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