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Mandible Plastic Surgery

Photos of the Mandible Bone
The mandible bone itself is strong matching the protection function for the facial organs. Its arched form plus the free ends at both side of the temporal mandibular joint facilitate its anti impact nature and velocity absorption character. The anti depression scale of the mandible bone depends on the compliance of the bone and the direction of the depression force. A dense stress bone line pass through the mandible body, like the stress frame of a buil.. (2011-10-20)
Mandible Angle Reduction Surgery With an Exaggerated Face Reshaping..
The face reshaping result of the mandible angle reduction surgery could be exaggerated or subtle according the the need of the operation seekers. In terms of surgical technique the up to date mandible reduction approach can meet the needs of the cosmetic surgery candidates to narrow the lower part of facial outline in various degree, even to make the facial contour unrecognizable from the pre operation one. So the most import thing for the operation see.. (2011-10-20)
Revision Surgery for Overdone Mandible Angle Reduction
In order to achieve a dramatic surgical result the mandible bone often be over resected in a mandible angle reduction surgery. Many years ago mandible reduction surgery was not very popular and the surgeons didn't have chance to observe long term post operation patients. So they focused on the short time reduction result by cut off bigger piece mandible bone. Even more some clinics charge their patients by the weight of the removed mandible bone. In tha.. (2011-10-20)
What You Should Know About Jaw or Mandible Reduction Surgery
Jaw or mandible reduction surgery has been very popular for already many years and the number of operations per year is still climbing, as more and more people believe that the slimmer the more beautiful and also the surgery itself is more reliable and safer. However the surgeons struggle hard to make their patients happy and the surgery seeker struggle to avoid the pitfalls in their way of making themselves looking good. The following guidelines regard.. (2011-10-20)
Is Visible Bone Fragments Been Taken out in Facial Bone Filing Redu..
How is the facial bone filing surgery done? Like its name bone filing means to file down the big bone to a smaller one in order to make the face slimmer. The simple tool for bone filing is something like a wood file used by carpenter. Surgeons manually file the facial bones which need to be trimmed down with this instrument. A more sophisticated bone filing tool employ a electric motor to drive the filing tip either in a rotating or in a reciprocate mov.. (2011-10-20)