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Unsatisfied Jaw Reduction Surgery
My name is Hans. I am 5 feet 2 inches and 120 pounds. In August 2010 I traveled to Thailand to have jaw reduction, nose implant, and chin implant surgery. The outcome was dissatisfactory. My face is completely asymmetrical. You can see from the photos that my nose is deviated and uneven. My jawline is crooked. The right side of my jaw is significantly smaller than my left side. The doctor also left me with unsightly scars on each side of my jaw as well .. (2012-08-19)
Facial Sagginess After Cheek Reduction Surgery
Regarding your biggest concern of sagginess you already read my webpage talking about it. Briefly speaking the old methods of surgery tend to cause sagginess. There are a lot of surgeons who tried hard to find ways to avoid this complication. I am one of them and actually I provided a new method of surgery call combination osteotomy cheek reduction which solved this problem more than ten years ago. See my doctorate thesis. Now this method has been modif.. (2012-08-11)
The Top 5 Most Doll-Like Girls in The World 
During the past few years, we see the news of the girls who looks like a doll. Called very very doll-like in every part. They passionate love the beauty of the dolls and would like to express themselves for the world to know. By posting photos and video clips to show their beauty that can make themselves beautiful like a living doll. That makes us almost indistinguishable that they are a real person or a doll. With the advancement of technology today. W.. (2012-04-30)
Camouflage Facial Surgery
Camouflage surgery is a good word to discribe some of the surgeries, especially cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Not all camouflage surgeries are bad. Some of the camouflage surgeries are very useful and helpful. For example a small bony defect on the face could be corrected with a camouflage overlap softtissue filling. We are showing our most outlayer surface to others, not the bone anyway. However some of the camouflage surgeries are not good. They do .. (2012-03-15)