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Camouflage Facial Surgery

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Dear Dr Ma
I am a 24 year old girl from Kuwait. My problem is with my mid face (maxilla) its too long and i would like to fix that.
i was born with a bit of a receding chin and a bit of an overbite, nothing too severe. in 2005 i consulted with a plastic surgeon, and since i didn't have any information on the difference between a plastic surgeon and maxillo-facial surgeon i went with his advice. he performed camouflage surgeries on me. so he reduced the size of my nose and upper lip  and gave me a chin implant. this did not fix my problem and now im still seeing my mid face as ugly and long in addition to a big chin implant giving me a big chin. i consulted with several maxillo-facial surgeons and they keep telling me that they cannot help me since i already had previous surgeries, if i did not do my previous surgeries they would have been able to help and they told me that i should avoid maxillofacial surgeries because they result in pre mature aging.
i am not sure why they say this, is my case too hard? or are they not experienced. as i researched online for surgeons abroad i came across your web site and i felt comfortable.
i attached some photos and x rays for you to examine, do you think you will be able to help me?

Dr. Fushun Ma's opinion:

Camouflage surgery is a good word to discribe some of the surgeries, especially cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Not all camouflage surgeries are bad. Some of the camouflage surgeries are very useful and helpful. For example a small bony defect on the face could be corrected with a camouflage overlap softtissue filling. We are showing our most outlayer surface to others, not the bone anyway. However some of the camouflage surgeries are not good. They do not cover the problems up while cause some new unwanted effects. Such as try to cover a protrusion mouth with a nasal and chin augmentation. Most likely the protrusion mouth still exist, the middle and lower face become unproportional to the upper face.
The key is to use the camouflage surgery rationally and try to make good use of it while avoid cause further trouble effects.
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