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The Top 5 Most Doll-Like Girls in The World 

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During the past few years, we see the news of the girls who looks like a doll. Called very very doll-like in every part. They passionate love the beauty of the dolls and would like to express themself for the world to know. By posting photos and video clips to show their beauty that can make themselves beautiful like a living doll. That makes us almost indistinguishable that they are a real person or a doll. With the advancement of technology today. Whether plastic surgery or the program to retouch photo. That can help them meet the needs of her wanted to be like a doll. To make self look like a doll become a new trend of high-tech age girls. Today we gather the girls who are the most doll-like girl of the world that is widely known in the Internet world.

#5 Lii.sa NekoNyapii age 17, from Germany.
We know her from her YouTube video clips, make-up tutorial. People are impressed at first sight because she is lovely like a doll.

No.5 doll like gril

#4 Venus Palermo, 15 years old from England.
This girl comes from the famous site YouTube as well by make up tutorials in a video clip ??How to look like a doll (make up)??. She love to dress up like a doll and all of her dress are cute really like the dress of the dolls.

No.4 doll like girl

#3 Wang Jia Yun, 18 years old from China.
She was very popular in the Internet a year ago. Her pictures have been posted so widely. With her pale skin and shape that really looks like a Japanese silicone love doll. But later was revealed that just using Photoshop to retouch only.

No.3 doll like girl

#2 Dakota Rose (Kotakoti), 18 years old from the United States.
Her beautiful big eyes, cupid bow lips, slim shapes, and lovely very like a barbie doll. In the past, she likes to dress in emo girl style but now she changes the style to a famous Barbie Girl.

No. 2 doll like girl

#1 Valeria Lukyanova, age 21 from Russia.
This girl make a shock to people a lot. Because she look like a Barbie doll with every details. What are the characteristics of the Barbie doll, she can copy it all. A small nose which is the slender nose axis, chest, small waist, long and slim of arms and legs.

No.1 doll like girl

No.1 doll like girl

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