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Unsatisfied Jaw Reduction Surgery

[ Author:Fushun Ma | Time:2012-08-19 20:41:06 |  Font Size: [Large Medium Small]
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Hello Dr. Ma,

My name is Hans. I am 5 feet 2 inches and 120 pounds. In August 2010 I traveled to Thailand to have jaw reduction, nose implant, and chin implant surgery. The outcome was dissatisfactory. My face is completely asymmetrical. You can see from the photos that my nose is deviated and uneven. My jawline is crooked. The right side of my jaw is significantly smaller than my left side. The doctor also left me with unsightly scars on each side of my jaw as well as where he inserted the chin implant. I am not happy with the look of my chin implant from the from and profile view, I think it makes me look like a witch and ages me. Another thing I don't like is how round my face is. I don't like how big my cheeks look when I smile. I currently have braces, but they will be removed in October. I admire your work and expertise and believe that you're the only one who can help me. I am so depressed over my appearance right now. How would you address and fix these issues? How much will it cost? How long is the recovery process? Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hans Terry

Dear Hans

I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your post-surgical result.

Basically you had a jaw reduction with external incision which approach has been abandoned by most of the surgeons in China for many years. The problem with that incision is not only the scar on the skin but also the limited exposure of the mandible bone which in turn prevents the surgeon from trimming the other areas of the mandible except the mandible corner. That means only you mandible angle has been cut off forming a kind of “cut corner” deformity. It is very difficult to reinstall the mandible angle at the original place. However you still can modify the iatrogenic new angles and the front part of the mandible to match the angle of the mandible.

The nasal implant is deviated a little. You can just remove it or replace it if you want. Before replace it I want to check if you nasal bone is deviated. If so a rhinoplasty is recommended. For the chin implant it looks a little bit too wide to me. You can replace it or remove it and do a sliding forward chin osteotomy instead. The sliding surgery is more suitable to you circumstances.

You cheek is not very big compared to a typical Chinese one. However if you really don’t like it you may do either softer tissue reduction or bone reduction. You seemed more likely just need the former one. I need you to do a specific CT scan in Beijing to eva luate you bone and soft tissue in that area if you believe that “smile apple” really bothers you.

Best wishes,

Fushun Ma

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