During pre-operation consultation Dr. Ma noticed that almost all of the zygomatic and mandible bone reduction surgery candidates worries that their facial soft tissue may become saggy after facial bone reduction surgeries thus look older. The reason of raising this kind concern can be sorted to two categories. The first one is objective. As the candidates may not well know how the surgery is done and what will happen after the surgery. They imaginably believe that the surgery makes the bone smaller causing the looseness and falling down of the soft tissue giving an elderly looking. Secondly, there do have some post surgery saggy faces  after facial bone reduction surgeries caused by improper selection of surgical method or malpractice during the operation. In fact a well selected candidate with a proper surgery method under experienced surgeon, an uncomplicated facial bone reduction surgery will make the surgery receiver younger instead of older.

getting younger after facial bone reduction surgery
Instead of making the facial skin saggy the facial bone reduction surgery let this girl look younger.

The operations this beautiful girl did are zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch reduction surgery and mandible bone reduction surgery. Her post operation photos were taken 9 months after surgery. Comparing the pre and post photos of this girl we find that her bonny facial appearance disappeared and she also looks younger. The facial bone reduction surgery seeker normally do not have the expectation of making the face younger. They even have a concern of facial sagginess after surgery. When this girl noticed her rejuvenated face at the end of her recovery phase she was very delighted.

From the front view we could tell that the girl’s face is fuller after surgery because of the facial bone is smaller and the facial soft tissue is relatively excessive. Beside the bone frame change of her face we could also notice the facial skin is lifted and tighter post operatively. Without any face lift surgery this kind of rejuvenation effect is caused by the softer tissue shrinking when the facial bone has been trimmed smaller. If we concentrate on this girl’s eyes, nose and mouth we could find that these facial organs are more scattered on the face in the post operation photo. This is because the size of the face is relatively smaller and the relationship scale of the facial elements changes.

facial outlin changes after zygomatic bone and mandibular bone reduction surgery
Post surgery the bulginess of the zygomatic arch and the indentation below the zygomatic arch disappear and the lower edge of the mandible bone is raised.

On the above enlarged pictures the zygomatic arch bulginess indicated by the red arrow and the indentation below the zygomatic arch indicated by the yellow arrow are leveled off post operatively. Before operation the outline of the lower edge of the mandible bone is curved  and it becomes straighter after operation. This means the width of mandibular bone is smaller and thus making the shape of the lower facial outline is more like a “V” instead of “U”. All of these changes mentioned in this paragraph contribute to the enhanced facial fullness and face lift effect which in return giving a younger looking face.

lift of facial skin after facial bone reduction surgery
After the facial bone reduction surgery the facial skin is lifted and the face looks younger in profile.

In profile the yellow and red arrows in the pre-operation picture point out the area of skin sagginess. In the post operation picture those signs of sagginess is gone. No lipo suction, no face lift has been done this girl’s face lift effect is purely caused by the facial soft tissue bounce back after the facial bone reduction and the massetter muscle resectomy. Provide this is a facial bone reshaping surgery the lift effect is obscure compared to the facial contour line changes. However it do exist. This bounce back is one of the reasons that make the face  look younger after a facial bone reduction surgery. Dr. Fushun Ma noticed this kind of changes from the comparing observation of many pre and post operation photos taken from facial bone reduction surgery receivers.

facial skin tight effect of zygomatic bone and mandibular bone reduction surgery
At the face down position the facial skin becomes tighter after zygomatc and mandibular bone reduction surgery.

As we band our head down our facial soft tissue including skin will saggy down no matter we are young or old, even infant’s face will do that, the only difference is the degree of sagginess. This girl’s sagginess is more severe pre-operatively. The deep level scar retraction after surgery caused by the surgical trauma and the lifted reattachment of the para-osteum soft tissue during the surgery contribute to the facial skin and soft tissue tightness  following facial bone reduction surgeries.

chin up position after zygomatic and mandibular bone reduction surgeries
Pictures in chin up position after facial bone reduction surgeries show the zygomatic and the mandibular bone become smaller and the face is also no longer bonny.

Pictures in chin up position show that the bulging zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch are even off after the surgery. The asymmetrical lower mandible bone is narrower and is trimmed more symmetric.

In summary an well done and uncomplicated facial bone reduction surgery will normally make the post operation face look younger due to the following reasons.

1.The size of the facial bone frame becomes smaller and the relatively excess facial soft tissue make the face fuller and younger looking.

2.The bounce back of the facial muscle, facial skin and other soft tissue after the removal of the stretching force of the oversized facial bone raises the facial soft tissue let the face look younger.

3.The scar contraction caused by the surgical trauma in the deep level undermining during the surgery also contribute to the lift of the face thus the younger looking.

All of the above face lift mechanisms rely on the right selection surgical candidate and surgical approach, prober surgical operation, professional post surgery nursing and elimination of surgical complication. If any of the above elements is out of control the facial contour effect of facial bone reduction surgery may be interfered and the face lift reward also may be compromised.

Background Story

This girl is beautiful, well educated and smart in taking and in personal interactive. She decided to do the surgery after only a couple of visits. Her recovery was very smooth. After surgery she went back to see Dr. Fushun Ma twice and every time she allowed Dr. Ma to take pictures of her for record. When Dr. Ma asked her if she agreed to post her photos at the homepage star column on Dr. Ma’s website she generously said ok. All of those about this beautiful gave Dr. Ma a deep and good impression.

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