Nasal bone reduction osteotomy

Nasal bone reduction osteotomy is a surgical procedure which cuts the nasal bones at different locations in order to mobilize them and then bush the bones inward to make the middle part of the nose narrower. This operation benefit those candidate whose wide nasal bones make the middle part of the nose bulging out laterally giving a barrel like shape nose. After the surgery an external fixation for a week is needed with no internal fixation and thus no foreign material left in the body. The nasal bones are very thin and flat, it is easy to penetrate the bone if a filling approach is used to narrow the nasal bone. And the possible nasal bone hypertrophy caused by the bone dust filed off the nasal bone also prevent the usage of nasal bone filing approach in nasal bone reduction surgery.

Nasal bone reduction surgery before and after photos
The nasal bone is narrower after surgery and the girl looks more beautiful.

nasal bone reduction surgery
Before operation the nasal bone is wide forming two humps at the level as the arrows indicated. After surgery the humps disappeared and the nasal outline looks smoother.

profile view after nasal bone reduction surgery
The surgery also made the nose higher and the dorsum of the nose straighter in profile view.

bird's view after nasal bone reduction surgery
In bird’s view the width of the nose is smaller and shape of the nose is more distinctive.

oblique view after nasal bone reduction surgery
The base and the middle part of the nose is higher and whole nose is straighter and sharper.

This girl’s face is originally beautiful looking. The nose looks good too. Only the base of nose is a little bit too low and the middle part of the nose is wide with a slight humps on both sides. So Dr. Ma wasn’t think the surgery would improve her appearance much as she was already a very good looking girl when Dr. Ma first saw her. It turned out she is much more beautiful after just a minor surgery. The cost effective of this surgery for her is beyond imagination.

The girl’s surgery was done under general anesthesia. The operation was eventless and finished in half hour with minimal blood loss. A plaster bandage external fixation was applied on her nose for a week after the surgery. During the first couple of post operative days she said her nose was stuffy and she have to use her mouth to breathe. This made her lips dry and uncomfortable. However she didn’t feel any pain in the operated area. She got her stitches removed 7 days post operation. At that time Dr. Ma met her and noticed her swelling was minor with a little bit bruises around the inner canthuses and the lower eyelids. Her nose looked too slim when the plaster fixation was just removed. This situation is normal. Her nose would look normal after one or two days as the depression marks caused by the fixation plaster on the nose going away. Dr. Ma also checked her nasal cavity and the surgical incisions without any abnormal findings.

Photo Analysis

The after surgery photos were token 6 months post operation. All the photographic settings were the same as the before surgery photos except the girl had some make up on her face. As we only compare the shape of the nose the make up dose not distracts us much.

The effectiveness of the nasal reduction can be appreciated much more in real person contact than just looking at the photos. If we use our fingers to feel the width of this girl’s nasal bone we can tell her nose is very narrow even narrower than the average people’s nose. Nevertheless from these photos we can say that compared to the before surgery photos the nose in the after surgery photos is more standing out and the outline of the nose is more vivid. In the enlarged pictures we can notice the humps in the middle of the nose disappeared after surgery.

In profile and oblique view the nose is higher and straighter and whole nose seemed has been elevated. Why is that. The mechanism is simple. Imagining that the nasal bone on both side of the nose are the roofs of a house. When the size of the roof is fixed we make the house smaller the roof will become steeper and higher. In the same theory when we make the nose narrower we keep the size of the nasal bone unchanged and only the position of bones get steeper, so the dome of the nasal bones is elevated.

Some friends may worry that with the narrowing of the nasal bone the nasal cavity may get smaller and thus breathing function of the nose may be interfered. As a matter of fact this kind of worry is unnecessary. The air way of our nose doesn’t follow its outside shape(when I was little I thought when breath the air goes directly into our head as the base of the nose is connected to the head). Actually after the air passes the nostril it goes directly toward the back of our neck and then going downward to the throat. So the narrowing of the middle and upper part of the nose will not make our breath difficult.

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