Bimaxillary protrusion can be divided into bony protrusion which is caused by the overgrowth of the chin bone and the maxillary bone, or teeth protrusion caused by the frontal inclination of the incisor teeth. No matter which is the cause the common signs of bimaxillary protrusion include the upper and lower lip’s augmentation in profile view, lip eversion, overexpose of teeth and gum, open lips and muscle fatigue when deliberately force the lips close over a prolonged time. As a matter of fact all those problems can be fixed by a noncomplicated surgery called Bemaxillary Plastic Surgery, or Double Jaw Surgery.


The lady in this page had a bimaxillary protrusion problem. Her major concern was the overexpose of teeth when she talked, especially when she smiled. For many years she didn’t know what was the cause of her problem and certainly not knowing that her problem could be fixed with surgery. When she came to the hospital where Dr. Ma works for a consultation regard other issues the reception surgeon told her that her unwanted figure and functional disturbance were caused by the overgrowth of her maxillary and mandibular bones. After she realized the cause of her problem she came to see Dr. Ma and had her bimaxillary plastic surgery done. After surgery her facial figure improved and according to herself she really loves the feeling of laugh freely at any occasions.

bimaxillary plastic surgery
Before surgery the upper and lower lips are augmented. After surgery the normal relationships between the lips, nasal tip and the chin are restored.

bimaxillary plastic surgery frontal view
After bimaxillary plastic surgery the facial contour change made the lady looking younger.

bimaxillary plastic surgery in profile
With the bimaxilla protruded the lady looks unhappy even in relax. Once the protrusion is corrected this illusion impression disappeared.

smile after bimaxillary plastic surgery
Bimaxillary plastic surgery does create a more natural and grace smile.

Finally this lady went into the OR after a long period of struggle of whether to do the surgery or not even when she knew that the bimaxillary surgery was the only surgery of choice to fix her problem, probably because she is a mature women and cared about too many things. After all she is a very well educated women and know how to analyze pros and cons. Eventually she selected the surgery and at one year post surgery follow-up she was satisfid with the result and told Dr. Ma that she felt very lucky to have the surgery done.

From this group of pictures the bimaxillary surgery fixed the over protrusion of this lady’s lips, improved her facial figure and also made her look younger. The lady told Dr. Ma that her lips were no more parted in relax since the surgery and her most favorite change was that her teeth and gum were no more over expose when smile, so she could freely express her happiness in communicating with others in various occasions. She felt that her dream finally came true.

The operation process of this surgery has been frequently mentioned in other page of this website. It mainly includes the distraction of four teeth from the upper and lower set of teeth, cutting the frontal part of the upper and lower jaw, setting back these front parts till the gap from the teeth distraction closed. The freed parts of the upper and lower jaw can also be moved upward and downwardly or even be rotated to ensure a normal occlusion, then be fixed in the desired position.

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