Chin retrogression, also know as micro chin or small chin deformity, is a common cosmetic problem. A small chin not only post a facial figure problem, it also cause health problems like snore, sleep apnea or even chronic diseases from repeated hypoxemia as a small chin bone makes a small oral cavity and the stuff in the mouth is relatively too big resulting repeated obstruction of the airway in sleep. A chin forward sliding surgery can help to release the airway obstruction for indicated candidates by cutting the bottom part of the chin bone and slides forward of the this part of the bone, because once the chin bone is replaced forwardly the hyoid bone is pulled forwardly via the myohyoideus muscule thus the oral and laryngeal cavity is enlarged and free for the breathing air to go through.

The girl on this page had a small chin and snored at sleep. Her first incent for surgery was to make her chin more protruding and longer for a better looking. To her surprise the snore problem was got rid of by his surgery. At her follow up she told Dr. Ma that luckily she didn’t select chin augmentation for her small chin correction, or she would nerver have a beautiful chin like this, let alone the relieve of her snore. When she later learned that breathing problem could lead to serious health problems she really appreciated the bonus outcome of her surgery.

chin forward sliding surgery profile

chin forward sliding surgery profile 1
In profile view the small chin becomes bigger and give this girl a more definite outline after surgery.

chin forward surgery in chin up position
In chin up position the chin is pointer and the labial chin angle becomes deeper in the post surgery photo.

chin forward sliding surgery
The lower face in front view looks slimmer due to the soft tissue stretching effect from the chin bone forward sliding.

From the front view the facial shape seems didn’t change much after chin forward sliding surgery. However from the profile view the facial outline changed remarkably. This kind of change reflect the characteristic of this surgery. This page also reflects the character of this website that is using every listed case to demonstrate one or couple of surgeries, and every surgery been done is clearly listed for each case. Dr. Ma tried to avoid listing a case with turn over facial figure improvement by multiple surgeries and gave the credit to only one surgery, such as mandible reduction surgery to untruthfully emphasize the benefit of having it.

Some people may believe it would be better if the chin is pointer in the frontal picture. Yes, chin forward sliding surgery and chin bone narrowing surgery can be combined together to make the chin augmented and pointer at the same time. A forward sliding of the chin alone could make the chin tip wider if the sliding distance is big enough. So if a pointer chin is desired chin narrowing is better be combined together at the surgery.

Chin forward sliding and chin augmentation surgeries both could redefine the shape of the chin. However only the sliding surgery reshapes the chin without any foreign material left inside the body (after the removal of the fixing plates and screws within one year). The foreign material are know to cause long term complications such as bone and soft tissue absorption due to the consistent pressure implimented by the implant, recurrent infection, shape of the prosthesis visible through the skin over years and discomfort etc. Having seen many of those avoidable complication of chin augmentation with implants Dr. Me is very reluctant to refer his patient to take chin implants, instead he encourage his patients select chin forward sliding surgery. The sliding surgery is just a little more complicated and expensive, compared to the benefits this surgery is more cost effective.

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