A rounded face may look pretty. In fact for some people a round face may give a impression of young and full of energy. So many people want a baby face. However if a person’s facial bone is already big and on top of that his or her facial fat is thick than the face present as a big rounded fatty one. This condition may not meet the value of beauty in most people’s mind. So for those facial reshaping plastic surgery seekers who have fatty faces with big facial bone frame a facial bone reduction surgery my be selected first, changing the big rounded face to a small rounded one to meet the need of a small rounded face for some of the candidates. If a bony small face is desired then liposuction for the face can be done later on.

The face of the girl on this page was originally not big. However she always wanted to make her face smaller. Upon the first consultation she was noticed to have a square rounded face. The upper part of her face was in a good shape. It was her lower face which looked a little bit fatty and wide. This indicated that she had a wide mandible bone and a thick layer of facial fat there and this was approved by CT imaging. The girl was notified that in order to solve her problem she needed mandible bone reduction and facial liposuction surgery. These two surgeries could go together. However It is better for her to do the bone reduction first and wait to see if she could be satisfied with the result and then decided to do the liposuction or not. She accepted that suggestion and did the mandible reduction surgery and ended up happy with the result. So she didn’t do any further liposuction surgery.

rounded face reduction
Before surgery the lower part of this girl’s face was wide as a result of big mandible bone and thick facial fat. A simple mandible bone reduction surgery made her upper and lower face look more balanced.

rounded face plasty lateral view

rounded face plasty chin up
After mandible bone reduction the lower face was narrowed done in the frontal view, however the mandible angle still exist and in a natural looking in the lateral view when chin up.

After surgery this girl’s lower face obviously narrowed down in the frontal view. This change was brought only by mandible bone reduction and masseter muscle partial removal. She didn’t done any other sorts of facial sliming surgery for this change. Her mandible bone reduction surgery was mainly concentrated on the mandible body. The mandible angle was only reduced slightly as her mandible angle was not prominent originally. In the chin up post-surgery photo a natural beautiful looking mandible angle is still there, no “hors face deformity” is shown as often occurred following excessive mandible angle corner cut resection.

There are tow questions were frequently asked in before surgery consultation. They are whether mandible and masseter muscle reduction surgery cause facial sagginess and facial fat accumulation. The first question has been answered in many occasions in some other pages of this website. A proper selection of surgical procedure and a careful operation will cause no sagginess. The second question needs some discussion here. Theoretically if the facial bone is reduced surgically in a great deal the soft tissue in the face is relatively excessive compared to the before surgery bone/soft tissue ratio and the face will look fatty. In fact this theory has been approved in clinical practice slight differently. For those who has a bony face to start with this change is more obvious. For those whose face is already rounded the change will not be easily noticeable.

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