For those who have a protruding mouth the profile outline may not necessarily in the shape of a “bird’s beak” if their chin is not retrograded.  Rather their profile outline of the whole lower face may protruded and the center of gravity of the face shifted to the lower face. In this scenario bimaxillary reduction plastic surgery alone may satisfactorily improve the facial figure. If the chin is also protruding a chin reduction surgery may be combined in helping the shift of the center of gravity of the face upward. During the procedure of bimaxillary reduction plasty a piece of bone is removed from both the maxillary and mandibular bone so that the protruding mouth and eclabium are corrected and also the mouth will become smaller, the face narrower because the dental arches get smaller after the bone removal.

The girl on this page has beautiful eyes, nose and mouth. However her face was still look not that pretty because she had a protruding mouth which made her face look rough and lack of feminine contour. As her chin was not retrograded her whole lower face was protruding forward rather than a “bird’s beak” profile. On top of the protruding mouth a short philtrum prevented her lips from closing in relax and left her incisor teeth exposed. On CT image her maxillary bone and mandible bone was protruding while the size of the chins was normal. According to her  desire and CT image a surgical plan of bimaxillary reduction plasty was designed. The following post surgery photos was taken one year after surgery. She was satisfied with the result.

protruding mouth plasty
Before surgery the lower face protruding forwardly and the mouth couldn’t close in relax. After surgery this situation improved.

bimaxillary protruding

bimaxillary protruding2
In this angle the upper lip was eclabium and teeth exposed. After surgery the lips became flat and the chin looked more defined.

protuding mouth in frontal view
After surgery the mouth became narrower and the chin pointer in frontal view.

During the procedure of the Frontal Osteotomy Bimaxillary Reduction plasty the frontal part of this girl’s maxillary bone and mandible bone was cut, setback and fixed. After surgery all the problems on this girl’s face such the lower face forward protruding, lip eclabium and teeth exposure had been improved.

For those who have “bird’s beak” profile the problem may be fixed with just a orthodontic procedure if the protruding is mild and no maxillary bone nor mandible bone protruding involvement. However for those who have a whole lower face protruding appearance without a “bird’s beak” look like this girl orthodontic procedure alone may only change the angle of the teeth’s alignment in the upper and lower jaw bones without improve the facial figure. In this kind of situation a surgery that involves upper and lower jaw osteotomy should be selected.

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