Basically all candidates of chin implant surgery are suitable for chin advancement. This has been multiply addressed  in this website. The advantages of chin advancement include the avoidance of  complications and unwanted surgical results from implant insert, either short term and long term post operation. For those who have already suffered the complications and unwanted effects from chin implant surgery, an implant extraction and chin advancement surgery is still a wise decision. After all, no one wants to have their chin go back the retrograded status again (as a matter of fact most cases’ chin were even smaller than their born chin after implant extraction because of the bone absorption induced by the implant’s depression). If another implant was inserted at the time of previous implant extraction, someone falls into the same pitfall again. Never believe the propaganda that a more expensive implant can merge in like own body tissue because foreign body is a foreign body, it will never become someone’s own tissue.


The beautiful lady in this page had her Polytetrafluoroethylene chin implant many years ago. She was told at the time of surgery that her implant will merge in her tissue like own, so there was no side effect later on. However she started to suffer  complications like local tight sensation, discomfort on press and dimples when talking. In some angle and light-setting her implant outline can be noticed through skin with naked eye. So she decided to extract the implant and advance her chin bone simultaneously, instead of insert any kind of implant again. Following are the comparison photos of her pre and after “Implant Extraction and Chin Advancement Surgery”.

chin advancement improves the unwanted outcome of chin implant
In before surgery photo the chin was still small even there was a implant inside. After implant extraction and chin bone advancement her chin moved forward in a great deal and the chin contour was improved.

chin advancement replaces Polytetrafluoroethylene for chin augmentation
In before surgery front view, the chin was wide and asymmetric with the left side dropping (due to the implant dislocation see CT image in this page). After surgery these problems solved.

in chin up position the shpe of the implant noticeable
In pre surgery chin up position the outline of the implant is noticeable, especially on the left upper quadrant of the chin. In the after surgery photo the chin looks sharper and more prominent without any noticeable object under the skin.

CT image after Polytetrafluoroethylene implant
CT image shows the dislocated implant sitting in front at the chin bone. As a matter of fact it is very difficult to position the implant properly during operation and post surgery dislocation is also almost inevitable though there are many ways to position and fix the implant in a proper position.

In term of chin enhancement chin advancement is way better than any implant. However a lot of candidates still selected implant for their chin augmentation. Few years later they are going to suffer the complications and unwanted result. The implant than is been extracted with or without chin advancement surgery. At this time the worst choice is to replace the previous implant with another implant, that sets up the foundation for future regret again. Why does this kind of unpleasant situation keeps happening? There is no simple answer for that. Part of the reason is some candidates believe that chin advance surgery is major surgery and carries major risks. Or some of the candidates are convinced by the propaganda that “changing a more expensive implant prevents complications”.  In fact chin advancement surgery is not a major surgery with no more risk and implant chin augmentation though it involves chin bone. So far no implant can become human tissue not matter how long they stay inside the human body. The most important thing for a wise decision is acquire as much knowledge on these surgeries as possible.

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